Ravignano set up - Italian Wars rule set playtest

I am still doing some basic play testing of Thirst of War and Blood. This time I have set up a field battle centred on control of some high-ground.

The armies are historical but, they are out of time and place. The French army is based on that at the Battle of Marignano 1515; the Spanish / Papal army is based on that at the Battle of Ravenna 1512. Numbers were taken from Renaissance Battles 1494 - 1700 Vol.1 by Peter Sides, except that there are no war carts, I have put the Papal infantry at 4000 rather than 2000, and I have given the Papal light cavalry crossbows rather than arquebus (of the latter I am, temporarily, short). Figure scale is between 1:40 and 1:60 - I'm not much of a bean counter.

To make life interesting (this is a solo game) I have added an off table force – The Medici Black Bands – which will arrive on a Stratagem card, as off table flank reserves, on the French left / Spanish right. I have not decided which side they will end up fighting for. This will be decided by a roll of the dice.

The French Army comprises: 1500 Gendarmes, 9000 Landsknechts, 4000 French pikemen, 2000 Gascon Crossbow, 500 French light horse, artillery.

The Spanish / Papal Army comprises: 1800 Italian Men-at-arms, 450 Spanish Men-at-arms, 900 light horse, 800 Genitors, 8000 Spanish infantry in four brigaded coronelas, 4000 Papal infantry, artillery.

I aim to play this game out over the next few days. I'll try and take some shots of the action and provide a narrative account.

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