File Size: 2.65Mb (zip) , 3.67Mb (uncompressed)
GM Version: GM8
Screen Resolution: 480x320
Changes Screen Resolution: Yes

"Katapeltis" in greek means Catapult. It's a very addictive game with great physics and lots of fun. Use only the mouse to control. Destroy your enemies with your catapult and get the best hi-score in every level.
30 levels to unlock.
Also available on the iPhone App Store!



Wishing you a Happy Samhain "End of Summer"

Samhain or (sa:win) is an old Gaelic festival to celebrate the end of summer, now known as Halloween.

As a child this was my favorite holiday, I just loved making a costume and heading out for my yearly sugar rush. Now I head out with my niece and nephews and enjoy their expressions.

Leviathan update:
We are close to production! I am working on the last of the weapon arms... After that I need to make masters of all the molds and then complete the instructions and box art. best guess of release date stands mid to late November.

Why has it taken so long? I think we will top out at 30 to 32 molds, using about seven to seven and a half gallons of mold rubber.

It has been a LOT of work and I'm looking forward to moving on to the next set of Leviathan in the series.

Thought I would share some AMAZING pumpkin carving!

Some nice pics of a painted Siler Tank

I just saw on Miniature Review that Jon over at Khurasan is releasing the heavy tank I worked on a few months back.

I have to say, I think it looks great painted up in desert tan.

I missed this one as well.... Here is a pic of a missile AFV I worked on just before the Siler tank.
SpaceJacker at Tinysoldier painted up the AFV.

It sure is nice to see Jon busy releasing these and I just love to see them painted. With my head buried so far into the Leviathan mold process, I'm lucky to catch any of these ;)

Some bits and pieces

Recently I have been emmensely busy with work, the chaos caused by having the builders in (and subsequent decorating by yours truly with a much bigger brush!) and family life in general. I've also been putting the finishing touches to an article or two - the first, my rules for ancient naval warfare " Fleet of Battle" will be out in Wargames Illustrated next month (complete with playing counters). Consequently, this blog has been neglected of late - it will be for another month or so. But I have had time, just, to take a few shots of the basing I'm using for my desert stuff.

Bases are 2mm MDF (bought in 4 x 3 foot sheets - 5 for £20 - from a picture framing materials supplier), with painted 'sand and glue' texturing, woodland scenics coarse turf, and grass tufts by Mininatur. Minis are FoW.

First up, a British 'battle group' HQ stand - my C-in-C.

My first Germans - 2x 8.8cm flak guns and prime movers.

Game: Balloon Touch for Android

We just finished Balloon Touch, an Android game developed using Adobe Air. Check it out on the Android Marketplace.

Here is something I had to keep Hush-Hush about.

When John at Moddler contacted me about working with JBR on a commercial gig, I was very excited about the opportunity and jumped at the chance. My Leviathan molds would need to take a back seat for a bit.

This was a CAD model that JBR and I worked on for a Land Rover commercial. Moddler printed the CAD model and sent it off to an ad agency in NY, Hornet Inc. to have the physical model painted and ultimately used in a stop motion commercial.
Here are a couple of links to the final product....

Land Rover :30sec
Behind the Scenes

This was my first bit of work as a small cog in a big commercial deal. Very exciting and very tight deadlines. I am amazed to see the end results.

The Model needed to be 100% with all details of the real world vehicle captured, all the way down to working headlights. You cannot see it in this render but even the interior headlight bezels needed to be created.

Here are some shots of the modeling work in progress.
A couple of pics of just some of the printed components.
This represented many hours of work for John Ross and I and flawless execution of the final print from John at Moddler.

Its running right now in Italy and you should see a 40 second spot here in the USA soon....

It was a real pleasure working with John Bear Ross and John Vegher on this collaboration.

Senji Studios: A wonderful diorama for the Leviathan box art

The wonderful and talented Pat over at Senji Studios made a stunning vignette for the Leviathan box art based on a crude sketch I sent to him. Please pop over to his site to see his process and more photos.
I can only hope my painting skills on the Leviathans can do justice to his stunning work.

The Diorama and box art will display the first two Leviathan models. The Eisenkern Leviathan Mortis and the Commonwealth Leviathan Crusader locked in battle on an Eisenkern held planet. The architecture is of Eisenkern origin with a decidedly gothic feel. The buildings are slab construction, cast off world and shipped to a planet for a “colony in a box” method of quick assembly while retaining the architectural interest and distinct retro-gothic feel of the Eisenkern society.


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