GTA: Episodes From Liberty City Box Art revealed!

Here's the final box art for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, the stand-alone versions of Grand Theft Auto IV's first and second doses of downloadable content.

And get ready for tomorrow because they will release the first trailer for The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Some of the Factions

There are nine factions, the pics here are of the three alien races that are advanced enough to challenge human doninance. The first is the Dhar-Hazier, the second the Kraggen and last, the Shadokesh. The other six factions not shown here are human.

Some of the Leviathan designs

The Paladin is the most recent addition, the others were started some time ago. The next pic is the Black Widow Heavy support tank and the last is the Assault Leviathan Reaper. 


We have been all looking at this programme for a while now. Its got such potential, in seraching for some information about action scripts and progression, I came across the work of Porchester School in Nottingham. Click the link and check it out -

Our work this year will focus on creating a workable progresson document and planning.

Thats the right motorcycle for me

Yamaha CRYPTON X-135

It is the motorcycle that I hope I get some time in the near future. The Yamaha Crypton X-135. The right motorcycle for the Greek roads.
-Your thoughts?

Working on a new web page and product line

The economy has been rough but this gives me an opportunity to go back to my passion. I have been putting together a new web site and product line... lots of work but very gratifying. Working on three new races and five major factions as well as Households. I'll post a bit more when I am further along.

Infinite War

File Size: 6.85Mb (zip) , 8Mb (uncompressed)
GM Version: GM7
Screen Resolution: FULL
Changes Screen Resolution: Yes


Infinite war is an open world 3rd person shooter game with dynamic destructible enviroments and great quality graphics.
You are Travis, a newcomer soldier that comes with hopes to protect his fatherland from the enemy.
Using explosive weapons like an rpg you can blow up almost everything you see in the game.
3 missions so far and a training mission for the basics
5 weapons: pistol, ak-47, rpg, c4 explosives, grenades (more coming soon...)
Advanced enemy AI
Driveable vehicles including trucks, jeeps, tanks and more
Regainable health system


A new project is underway!

At the end of the Crusades project, which I finished in March, I promised myself a year off to do some bits and pieces for my non-project projects (the little things I do, such as ancient naval) that I usually reserve for when a major project begins to stagnate. But wouldn't you know it, out of the blue comes an offer that is just too good to pass up: Renegade's Unit Deals offer.

The 2nd Punic War has always been on my to do list, but I was saving it for later in life. With such a great offer I have been unable to resist doing it now. So, the bank balance is taking the hit and next week I will have completed the first phase of any project - buying all of the figures I think I might require for the conflict on the continent of Europe. I have decided to do the 2nd Punic War as four armies, Roman, Gallic, Spanish and Carthaginian. The latter covers the African elements needed for the Wars in Europe; only by adding Spanish and Gallic elements can it achieve full muster. If you disagree with my breakdown (remember it is not for the Wars on the continent of Africa) don't hesitate in putting your view or amendments - as I say I will not be putting the final order in until next week.

Two Consular Armies (so I can do justice to Cannae as a demo game at shows)

Equites: 5 units of 9

Triarii: 8 units of 12
Principes: 8 units of 24
Hastati: 8 units of 24
Velites: 8 units of 16

TOTAL: 37 units - 704 infantry & 45 cavalry (not including command elements).

A largish Gallic army so that it can stand alone for battles in Transalpine Gaul. Carthaginian elements will be drawn from this army.

Gallic Cavalry: 5 units of 9

Gallic Warriors: 12 units of 24
Gallic Skirmishers: 3 units of 16

TOTAL: 20 units - 336 infantry & 45 cavalry (not including command elements).

A largish Spanish army capable of fighting alone. Carthaginian elements will be drawn from this army.

Spanish Cavalry: 4 units of 9

Spanish Scutarii: 10 units of 24
Spanish Craetarii: 3 units of 16
Balearic Slingers: 2 units of 16

TOTAL: 19 units - 320 infantry & 36 cavalry (not including command elements).

Using units from the Spanish and Gallic armies this can be a very large army.

Carthaginian Cavalry: 1 unit of 9
Libyan Cavalry: 1 unit of 9
Numidian Cavalry: 6 units of 9

Libyan / Peoni Spearmen: 6 units of 24
Numidian Skirmishers: 3 units of 16

Elephants: 8 stands of 1 elephant and crew.

TOTAL: 15 units - 192 infantry, 72 cavalry & 8 elephants (not including command elements).

GRAND TOTAL: 91 units - 1552 infantry 198 cavalry & 8 elephants (not including command elements).

My end date for completion (all painted) is November 2011.

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