Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a game for children aged 4-12. It is like a game of marbles, based on the series of television for children called hit Bakugan Battle Brawlers.
In a not different world of ours a strange event occurred, game cards begin to fall from the sky. A bit switched on children to realize the potential of the game and start using the power of the Internet, 'fight' against each other. The game is called Bakugan, and they are the original Battle Brawlers. The first battle of the real power of maps proves - each card contains its own beast fighting, that comes to life when you throw - the. Fighting intense ensued between the friends of the truth is revealed... it is an even greater battle being fought in a parallel universe called Destroyer.
While the story seems far fetched, it has lots of positive points with regard to the development of your child. He embarked in their psyche the secular history of journey of the hero, the story of become you really are. The characters were all quite endearing sides and in the first episode Dan, the main character, is even friendly and respectful of his mother!
As a game Bakugan Battle Brawlers teaches the child strategic planning, mathematics and can even get out them of the Play Station. It is also a great game to teach social skills that players interact at once while playing in the arena and also develop the game as a leisure exchange notes on the strengths and weaknesses of the beast in the battle arena. Just wait the cries of "Bakugan stand!","increase in the level of power of...» "as they role play parts of characters."

Confederate during the civil war

The civil war was a time when the nation was divided into two groups. The war itself has ravaged the cities and States and saw more than 620,000 losses on both sides. This number exceeds by far dead Americans from the revolution to the war in Iraq.
For military historians, the civil war has had several battles that have defined the character and the personal strategy of various generals. Unlike the battles of today, where modern weapons play an important role, the battles of the civil war were decided by rapid maneuvers and Rapids on the flank of the enemy or to expose and attack a weak side. He said that the civil war had three battles most affected the outcome of the entire war. Among the many battles during these difficult times, these three battles deserve the recognition of all the rest.
The first battle of Bull Run was the first battle of large-scale led by Union and Confederate during the civil war. The battle, fought on July 21, 1861, opposed the inexperienced troops of both sides to the reality of the war. The Union army led by brigadier general Irvin McDowell crossed in Bull Run to Confederate general face Joseph Johnston and P. Beauregard. The battle ended while the Union army fled to Washington DC this displayed battle the lack of preparation of the two armies.
The battle of Antietam, fought on September 17, 1862 was the battle between the armies of the Union and the armies Confederate near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Antietam Creek. This battle also marked the first major battle to take place on the side of the Union of the line North / South. Shortly after the battle, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
Of all the battles of the civil war, nothing has had a more lasting impact on the outcome of the war from the battle of Gettysburg. Fought July 1 to July 3, 1863, the area around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The battle according to the largest number of victims of the war with the estimated number of deaths to 57 225 on both sides. The battle also marked the last attempt by General Lee to invade the Northern States.

Special levels for Pokémon battles

Trainers verse of other in tons of fighting throughout their journey. Battling helps trainers in many respects, if they lose they try to build on what defeated them Pokemon so that they can improve. Trainers who have beaten access it Pokemon League at a place called the battle tower. In some cases, you have access to a place called the Battle Frontier, which is several places where a trainer can battle among other trainers and win points or BP battle. Trainers can exchange points battle for the prize and the special elements of training. Battling can be used with Pokémon of rental, which a coach can use other Pokémon that are not themselves. You can rent these Pokémon to fight with in the battle of factory and they cannot be used anywhere else. Battling has many clauses and the specified levels, this is however not mandatory. Standby clause is designed to allow a single Pokémon asleep on the side of trainers so the opponent can not do all your sleeping Pokemon. There may be special levels for Pokémon battles, they usually consist of a level 50 all combat where all Pokemon in battle are not lower than level 50. This type of battle is probably a common type of battle, you will see in the battle Frontier or combat tour. He is also a level 100 all in which all Pokémon to be at level 100, it is the highest level of battle a trainer can participate in. to find rare Pokemon Japanese articles, see the store that has all kinds of plush Pokemon you can imagine. Also an incredible selection of charms Pokemon, Toys Plush, figurines, key chains, pokedolls, workbooks, long boxes, sleeves, plush toys, and everything else you can imagine.

Unboxing Video Series of the Leviathan Mortis, courtesy of Tabletop Gaming News & Cool Mini or Not

I had a very unexpected and happy surprise when I was on one of my frequent trips to Tabletop Gaming News.

They are doing a video series on the Leviathan Mortis, starting with an overview and moving into more detail as they assemble the kit. Here is the first video in the series.

I knew Polar Bear was waiting for the Mortis, which he named Monday, to fight against his Crusader. he named Friday. What I did not know is that he would be doing a video diary... Thank you guys! XXXOOO

Can't wait to see the next vids!

You can see more videos on the Leviathan Crusader here and here


SOLD, to the American in the white hat!

I wish to make a bulk purchase for my SYW collection but I'm fairly skint, so......

This is a one off chance to purchase my 1:2400 Trafalgar fleets collection. Each ship at the battle, be it French, Spanish or British, is represented - even down to HMS Pickle. As you can see from the following photo, at this scale the whole battle can be re-fought.
All ships are fully painted, and each comes with a named sabot base.
All ships were painted by myself. Each model is flagged (multiple flags for flagships) and has been given clear plastic ratlines that add stability to the masts and 'bulk' to the models. As an aid to scale, the damage indicator dice and beads are 7mm across.

The models are by Hallmark. Ships of the line retail at £3.00 to £4.40 each, unpainted. There are over 70 models here. 


Thank you for looking. Oh, and if you missed out on the Trafalgar sale, the 10 x WW2 Italian M13/41 tanks (link below) are also still for sale at £150. Contact me - subject Italian Tanks - at: jlaroachatblueyonderdotcodotuk

Reserve Demolition 3

Last night we started Reserve Demolition for the third and last time (the three of us have played each part in rotation). Yet again, it is a different game. The Prussians (Graham H.) are under  extreme pressure, but their lines are holding - at least so far.

Here are a couple of shots of last night's action.



Assault Trooper test print

Here are some shots of an Assault Trooper, warts and all. I did not spend much time cleaning up the print because it was not going to be used as a master, just to test fit components such as the shoulders, tasset and tabard; so there are some very rough spots on the outside of the shoulders, the sword blade edge and a few other places where the build lattice was attached.

The Heavy troopers are scaled to be a good match with the Stormtroopers. About 1mm taller than the Stormtroopers (some shrink can be seen in the print), and a bit more bulk overall. Keep in mind when comparing to other mini lines, the Stormtroopers will be on the tall side, so although these may look a little small, they are large enough to look like steal the milk money from many of the other popular mini companies lines and small enough to look like Eisenkern Stormtrooper sized person could actually fit into the suit. 
WGF China informed me that they are making progress with the Heavy Troopers so it seemed appropriate to post this. Enjoy! 

Cyber Monday Sale!

To celebrate the launch of the new site, DreamForge-Games will be hosting a CYBER MONDAY sale!

Everything in the store will be 25% off with some select items even more!

DreamForge-Games is now open for Bidnez just got a major face lift... and product. Yeah that's right for the first time in a few years... things you can buy ;P I know, strange right?
It has been a very long time since I had a workable storefront. I have relied on the freeware shopping carts to get things done but sadly I am no HTML expert and it was sorely neglected.

This time around I went with a much more user friendly back end and a snazzy theme with all the bells and whistles. You should be able to view and use this site on your phone or PDA, which is a huge improvement over the old website.

I hope you enjoy the look and feel as much as I do, so stop in, pick up some plastic crack and have a look around.


New additions

Sometimes, when I have a big chunk of painting to do, I like to lessen the overall number quickly by painting the easy stuff. I find it boosts my morale. Fortunately, for Operation Zorndorf this is easy. By picking on the Observation Corps I can quickly reduce the number of infantry I have to do from 516 to 336. 

Here are the first 108 figures painted since the last Zorndorf post.

 Here are the first three (of four) regiments of the Russian Observation Corps. These are giant regiments, they each comprise a nominal three battalions rather than two, of 36 figures each (in fact, they are 35 figures strong because of what I actually managed to get hold of from Dave Thomas - they are all ebay purchases - but that is close enough). Firing regiments all have extended depth bases to prevent 'bayonet clash', and the bases have a notch to mark the actual size that they should be.

 I will have two regiments in a shooting pose and two regiments in a marching pose. So that I can field them as units of 24 figures if I need to, I have chosen to give one regiment in each pose two flags - to make four units into six, each with a flag. So that regiments can be distinguished I have chosen to do four regiment flags as coloured Ordonnance flags - here are blue for 1st, green for 3rd, light blue for 4th and there will be yellow for the 5th (the 2nd Regiment, red flag, was never completed or mobilised). White flags were colonel's colours. I'm not 100% happy with my rendition of the flags, but I can always plead "hand painted".

 These are almost entirely Foundry figures. These Russians, without coat and personal 'marching' equipment, are possibly the easiest Seven years War figures you are ever likely to paint - fill your boots.

Next up, the last regiment of Observation Corps musketeers and one regiment of OC Grenadiers.

Reserve Demolition - Part 2

This very short report caps off the action in the Reserve Demolition game. The action was over in the blink of an eye. In fact, we were left with enough time to completely reset the battle and get in the first turns of it - which may be reported on later. 

 We left the action with the Prussians (yours truly) out of morale chips but defensively set, and eager, to receive the Russian onslaught.

Then this lot rolled up for their quality. They mostly rolled up as determined (Up 2 to all rolls) with an incredible series of D20 rolls of 20! My goose was cooked.
 And I felt a little surrounded.......
It didn't take long for the Russians to close to point blank range. 

Whilst they blasted the Prussians to pieces, a regiment of Horse Grenadiers managed to break through to the bridge. 

The scattered pioneers, busy preparing the bridge for demolition, were duly slaughtered. With no way of destroying the bridge and, with the enemy everywhere, I said "Bonjour, mon ami" and surrendered my sword like a Frenchman in a brothel. 

Birthday Legendary! Double Gym Battle!

Want to get the Shiny Starters? Shiny Zorua? Shiny legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

Welcome to the Sam and Dan Games Developer Blog!

Sam and Dan Games: Fundraiser! Phase 4

Help us keep making games and earn awesome prizes like Shiny Rayquaza, Cosmoid Starters for PTD 2, Shiny Heatran and Shiny Pokemon X and Y Legendaries!  

Our Goal: $50,000
Raised so far: $11,197.54
Percentage so far: 22.40%
Total Funders so far: 16,284
Last updated: 11/25/13 (3:29 PM EST)

Birthday Legendary!
Every year on my the week of my birthday I like to give out a very special Legendary Pokemon as the Mystery Gift. So the time has come again (my birthday is on November 26) and it so happens that this week the Mystery Gift type is Dragon. So I present to you the Mystery Gift for this week.....
The Mystery Gift will be a regular/shadow Kyurem and the Giveaway will be a Shiny Kyurem! I hope you guys enjoy this special gift!

Double Gym Battle (This part of the update has been pushed to the next one due to my birthday and the Thanks Giving Holiday)
This week we arrive in Olivine City and find that there is something happening in the city. Both Chuck (the Cianwood City Gym Leader) and Jasmine (the Olivine City Gym Leader) will be there. Will you be able to defeat both of them battling you at the same time?

Old Data Wipe 
In about 6 months from now we will be doing a data wipe to any accounts that aren't used in 6 months. If you are a regular player then you will be fine just make sure you log in every once in a while so you don't lose your accounts. There is a lot of old data in the system that is just sitting there collecting dust and slowing everything down. Your data will only be wiped if you do not log in for a whole 6 months or more. If you log in every 3 months or every 5 months you will be fine.

Sam and Dan Games Subscriber
Next year we will be coming out with a subscriber service. The service will cost about 1.99 a month with special discounts if you pay for a whole year in advance. The service will bring many benefits to the subscribers with more being added over time. Some of the benefits will include a higher shiny encounter rate, more breeding spots for breeding, better breeding items, a subscriber only server to ensure that subscribers have no problems playing at even the busiest times, automatically receive giveaway pokemon without having to be on at the right time and more! Future games will also give out benefits to subscribers and like I said we will be adding more and more over time.

What will change with the Subscriber service? Is the game no longer free?
The game will ALWAYS be free! You can do everything you can do now for free. The subscriber feature is just for players that want to support us plus get some great EXTRA perks. The game will stay just how it is now for free players.

So will non subscribers still get a chance at giveaways? What if you have over 500 subscribers?
The subscribers will automatically receive the giveaway pokemon without entering a code. This means that the 500 that I giveaway will still be available to non subscribers and only non-subscribers. Subscribers will not be able to enter the code into their account since they already get them automatically.

If you like our games and want to support us this will be a great way for you to get many benefits from it! Stay Tuned!

Weekly Progress
My Status: Not Working. Not Streaming. (Updates in Realtime -ish...)

    PTD2 v1.63.1 Mystery Gift - Fire! Released!
    • Mystery Gift (100%) - Fire Pansear and Heatmor
      • Graphics (100%)
      • Stats (100%)
      • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
      • Add to Trading Center (100%)
    • Moves like Whirlwind/Roar/Dragon Tail should only work once on a target (100%)
    • Fix certain moves that crash/stop levels (100%)
    • Remove Effective Level from the 5th gym battle (100%)
      PTD2 v1.63 Double Gym Battle! - Released!
      • Olivine City (100%)
        • Map Graphics (100%)
        • Map Music (100%)
        • PokeCenter/PokeMart (100%)
        • New NPCs (100%)
        • Bug Fix (100%) Made the Mart's exit trigger more compatible with bikes.
        • Shadow Lugia Movie Scene (100%) By Joel
        • New TMs (100%) - Iron Tail and Focus Punch after beating the Gym Leader battle.
        • Double Gym Battle (100%) Chuck and Jasmine vs You
          • Level Layout (100%)
          • Pokemon Waves (100%)
          • New Boss Attacks (100%)
      PTD2 v1.62Mystery Gift Kyurem! Released!
        • New Pokemon (100%) - Kyurem!
          • Graphics (100%)
          • Stats (100%)
          • New Attacks (100%)
            • Galciate (100%)
          • Add to Trading Center (100%)
          That's what we have for you this week! Enjoy! Oh ya... as always, let me know what you think on the comments below!

          Reserve Demolition - Battle Report - Part 1

          Last night Peter, Graham and I started the Reserve Demolition scenario (by Charles Grant) outlined in a previous post.

          We drew lots to decide who was who. There are three distinct commands in the scenario - two Russian and one Prussian - and I drew the Prussians. 

          I deployed around the bridge and on the southerly knoll. Then the first Russian command came on table - they chose to attack from the south. 
           The Russians led with their cavalry, which charged under a hail of well timed canister shot from my artillery on the grassy knoll. 

          The cavalry were eventually repulsed by Prussian infantry, but not before the guns were lost - honours equal.
           This charge successfully allowed the Russian infantry to get organised. I had hoped to give it a pounding with my guns.

          The Russian guns were prolonged forward with undue haste - even further ahead than this shot shows. They were charged by rapidly deploying Prussian dragoons. Before the first gunner could pull the sponge out of his arse the Prussian cavalry was on them - Huzzah! 
           Around the knoll, I formed up to make a stand, reinforcing the knoll with grenadiers.  

          Word arrived that the powder train to blow the bridge was en route. Better late than never. 
           With the arrival of the grenadiers, the cavalry turned into column of march to redeploy against a second attack coming in from the north. 

          The Prussians would be hard pressed to hold the knoll, and what was left of their artillery was rushed to form a second line of defence - just in case.
           The northern attack force was a strong one, and it wrong footed the Prussians completely - I had banked on at least one attack coming from the east.
           What was more, it came on at great speed, and my eastward facing troops were in serious danger of being outflanked.
          The attack from the south was now at close quarters and the musketry of both sides was deadly. 
          The Russians superior numbers began to tell. My gallant Prussians were being destroyed.
          To the north, as the powder train made its ponderous way to the bridge, and I desperately withdrew troops to form a new northward facing front with secure flanks, the Russians came steadily on.........

          To be continued.

          All in all, the scenario is proving to be good fun. It will take a Prussian miracle to win though, I'm already out of morale chips. 

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