SOLD, to the American in the white hat!

I wish to make a bulk purchase for my SYW collection but I'm fairly skint, so......

This is a one off chance to purchase my 1:2400 Trafalgar fleets collection. Each ship at the battle, be it French, Spanish or British, is represented - even down to HMS Pickle. As you can see from the following photo, at this scale the whole battle can be re-fought.
All ships are fully painted, and each comes with a named sabot base.
All ships were painted by myself. Each model is flagged (multiple flags for flagships) and has been given clear plastic ratlines that add stability to the masts and 'bulk' to the models. As an aid to scale, the damage indicator dice and beads are 7mm across.

The models are by Hallmark. Ships of the line retail at £3.00 to £4.40 each, unpainted. There are over 70 models here. 


Thank you for looking. Oh, and if you missed out on the Trafalgar sale, the 10 x WW2 Italian M13/41 tanks (link below) are also still for sale at £150. Contact me - subject Italian Tanks - at: jlaroachatblueyonderdotcodotuk

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