Extinction iPhone/iPad Trailer

The bloodiest indie PC game now available in your iPhone and iPad as a universal game!

Extinction is a top-down 3d zombie shooter game with destructible environment, lots of weapons, drivable vehicles and offers a lot of bloody fun. Forget the boring dialogs and the endless words, Extinction is all about the bloody action and the fun to kill zombies in many crazy ways.

Extinction will be available November 9, 2012 for iPhone and iPad.

SnD Weekly 10/30: Spooky Mystery Gift! Day of the Week Events! Meteor Crisis in Creature Universe!

Want to get the Shiny Starters? Shiny Zorua? Shiny legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

Hey everyone! I hope all is well for you. Things are running right along here at Sam and Dan Games, and I'm here to bring you the goodies for this week. So let's get started!

Mystery Gift
This being the last week of October it would be a shame not to have a Ghost pokemon be the mystery gift so I put up a bunch of different Ghost to pick from. Let's the best one win! Golett is the winner!

Day Of the Week Events
In some Pokemon games you will get trainer battles, contest or some events that only happen during a certain day of the week. This feature is coming to PTD2 and CUTD. The first of such events will be a Spooky one that will only happen a certain day of the week and only at night! Look forward to it and the reward that it will bring.

New Route 31
I'm also adding a new Route that will come with a few new Pokemon to capture.

Finally we will get the Pokedex! The Pokedex will keep track of what you have caught, now that we have evolution I need to add the Pokedex that will more accurately keep track of what you have instead of giving you credit for things just because you have the evolution.

Level cap to 100! (Sorta)
This one is sort of a bold move, but with the Effective Level mechanic this can work. So you might ask what about moves and evolutions? Well this is where the sorta part of it works out. Getting all the moves done quickly is out of the questions so what will happen is that you will level up but you won't learn any new moves passed the soft level cap (12). Evolutions on the other hand are pretty easy to put in so you will be able to Evolve! I think it's a good trade off. Instead of playing a lot and not gaining exp you will be able to keep leveling up your creature while you try to get the Daily Challenge or just shiny hunting. With the Effective Level mechanic levels will still provide some challenge without me having to make them extremely hard for anybody who doesn't level up or is just starting to play.

Daily Challenge and Other things..
You can read last week's blog post to find out more about Daily Challenges. I will also be working on these to get them out as soon as I can.

Okay so now that we talked about what I'm working on, let's look at the weekly progress list.

Alpha v1.24.1: Released!
  • Golett Mystery Gift should only give out one pokemon and it should be genderless
  • Geodude in Swarm battles should not have the attack Take Down
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to pick your starter when starting a new game
  • Fixed a bug with certain pokemon's TM list
  • Bug with Jigglypuff's swarm battle
  • Problem with Gastly learning curse
Alpha v1.24:  Released!
  • Give Metapod and Kakuna Relearn moves so they can level up
  • Fix issue with a Shiny or Shadow Evolving and losing it's shininess if you save after evolving and not before
  • Fix issue with the map not scrolling when you walk around while being caught in Spinarak's Web
  • Display Force Palm's Damage in the info box
  • Level 100 cap
  • New Evolutions from Current Pokemon Added to the game (19)
    • Graphics
    • Stats/Info
    • Attack Info
    • Evolution Info
  • New Pokemon Added to the game (5)
    • Graphics
    • Stats/Info
    • Attack Info
    • Evolution Info
  • New Evolutions Added to the game (12)
    • Graphics
    • Stats/Info
    • Attack Info
    • Evolution Info
  • Route 31
    • Map Graphics
    • Map Triggers
    • Map Spawn Locations
    • Map Spawns
  • Dark Cave
    • Map Graphics
    • Map Triggers
    • Map Spawn Locations
    • Map Spawns
  • Route 46
    • Map Graphics
    • Map Triggers
    • Map Spawn Locations
    • Map Spawns
  • New Map Behaviors (7)
    • Zubat
    • Bellsprout
    • Gastly
    • Phanpy
    • Geodude
    • Spearow
    • Jigglypuff
  • New Wild Pokemon Battles (7)
    • Swarm Style
    • 1v1 Style
  • New Abilities Added to the game
    • Iron Fist
    • Klutz
    • No Guard
    • Pickup
    • Levitate
    • Gluttony
  • New Attacks Added to the game
    • Rollout
    • Odor Sleuth
    • Flail
    • Take Down
    • Lick
    • Spite
    • Curse
    • Growth
    • Mean Look
  • Fixed a bug when trying to check your items when you didn't have any in 1v1 mode
  • Mystery Gift
    • Add Pokemon and Evolutions
    • Change Server Code
    • Change Client Code and Graphic
Meteor Crisis in Creature Universe!
I always like to end the blog post with a little bit of Creature Universe. A few weeks ago I had a meeting with the crew and we came up with this idea, and this week we developed it some more. When you start playing Creature Universe a big event will happen that will shake the planet and affect everybody that lives there. A great Meteor has crashed into the planet, but didn't destroy it!!! Everybody is overjoyed that they are still alive but in a few days strange events start happening all throughout the world. The grass starter island called "Pillar Island" is now swarming with bugs! Will you help in this hour of need? Check out one of the bugs that you will face on Pillar Island.
Work In Progress Toxic Creature
I hope you guys enjoyed that little preview and that you keep coming back every day to check out my progress on the update. As Always let me know what you think!

Drepana at Fiasco 2012 report.

 The Roman fleet, in some disorder, is rowing for Drepana.

The Carthaginian fleet is almost completely out of the harbour and deployed, menacingly, facing the Romans.

Carthaginians, on your marks, get set....... 
"I can see the Carthaginians from 'ere!" 
Rolling 'evens' on cruise cards the Romans manage to face the Carthaginians before impact, but their line is disjointed and confused.

The special scenario rule element of the scenario worked very well indeed. The Special 1 card was the last Roman card turned on turn 1.

Mixing the squadrons also proved to be a nice tool.
From the Carthaginian left, the clash in the centre. Carthage is winning. Pulcher's ship is already a casualty.
Rome claws its way back into the fight. Honours are about even. Both sides are close to achieving the relevant casualties for victory - though the Romans will still need to escape with five ships.

This was the window of opportunity for the Romans.

Disaster for the Romans. Their vessels are holed and sinking or, even worse, holed and on fire! Carthage cannot fail to win. 
And the situation is the same across the battle area.

End game. Carthage is the Victor.

Peter has won two battles in a row now. He must be stopped! 

As for the show, it was not a bad one. It was busy-ish in the morning but died after lunch. I'm not a fan of this venue, and I'm not sure I'll do another game there with shiny sea: the lighting reflected from the table enough to give you snow blindness. I apologise for the reflections in the photos; it was all I could do to not have vessels disappear into 'hot spots'.

2nd Hispilis and the end of the 2nd Punic War

The Roman onslaught in full swing..... 
...and isolated Punic units become surrounded....
....and then calamity strikes Hasdrubals ranks. An outflanked elephants rout through three units of Spanish infantry - they cause untold chaos and casualties....... 
....The Romans quickly exploit the situation.....  
....the Carthaginian centre crumbles under the constant pressure despite some gallant resistance..... 
The Carthaginian centre is almost destroyed..... 
....and their right is looking flakey and vulnerable to combined infantry and cavalry charges......

The following shots show the position of the remaining Carthaginian units at the end of turn two. Hasdrubal has run out of morale chips and is handing them, hand over fist, to Scipio.

Hasdrubal is beaten. The game is ended and Hasdrubal accepts a defeat by 'double envelopment'. The battle, in 'battle time' had lasted less than two hours. Consequently, battle casualties were remarkably light. But woe worth the day, Hasdrubal's force of 13 CUs was totally destroyed in the following retreat. Carthaginian resistance in Spain is all but ended at a single stroke.

The Last two campaign cards are immediately played to take political control. Hannibal is especially sneaky, and manages to take control of another province in Italy with political guile!
At the end of the campaign turn this is the situation.

Carthage controls much of Italy and Sicily but is about to lose control of all Spain - she simply does not have an army to prevent its fall without evacuating from Italy. Neither Rome or Carthage has the will to pursue the war and deputations are dispatched to seek an honourable peace.

The following photo shows the peace agreement. Scipio evacuates Spain in return for Hannibal evacuating from Italy. Sicily is ceded by Rome. In return, Campania (Capua and Neopolis) are to be excluded from any alliance with Carthage - they must go it alone and Rome will surely take its revenge upon them! Carthage gives up its right to expand into Massilia. Carthage gains the Balearic Islands. The biggest sticking point in negotiations was the fate of Corsica Sardinia; possession being nine tenths of the law, Rome kept her mid Mediterranean islands.

The Second Punic War is over, but..............

The Ilkley Lads' Fiasco 2012 Game

As per the last couple of convention games I have done, I will not be running off hard copy handouts for Fiasco 2012. The following is a copy of the at table 'game information sheets' for attendees to read if they are interested enough. I believe this is a far more useful, satisfying way of imparting game information - single sheet handouts do not have the capacity to carry the relevant information. Small slips with this web address will be available at table-side.

The Sicily map, which I have edited in MSpaint, is from the Wikimedia Commons site.

Drepana 249 BC


The Battle of Drepana was a naval battle fought between Rome and Carthage during the First Punic War. This war was largely fought for the domination of Sicily and the arterial Mediterranean trade routes that it controlled. By 250 BC Rome had confined the Carthaginians to the western tip of the island.
In 250BC the victory at Panormus, where the bulk of the Carthaginian land forces on Sicily were destroyed, encouraged Rome to besiege the last major Carthaginian stronghold of Lilybaeum.

Rome’s fleet was to blockade Lilybaeum and prevent reinforcement and supply by sea whilst land forces invested the town. However, despite the increasing level of Roman naval acumen they were still no match for the Carthaginians on the sea. This was proved time and time again by the Carthaginian navy operating out of Drepana which, in broad daylight, managed not only to resupply Lilybaeum, but deliver 10,000 reinforcements and evacuate the besieged army’s cavalry horses as well. For the Roman’s this was nothing short of a humiliation. Something had to be done.

Publius Claudius Pulcher, one of the consuls for 249 BC, decided to mount a surprise attack on the Carthaginian naval base at Drepana. If successful, the loss of the Carthaginian fleet would put additional pressure on Rome’s prime target. Claudius made all the right preparations for the battle. He reinforced his rowers (many of whom had died in the siege lines) with fresh ones from Italy; he manned his ships with most experienced and willing marines the army could offer; he put to sea at night to avoid being spotted.

From the moment the fleet put to sea things started to go wrong. The fleet, of around 120 ships, hugged the coastline, but in the darkness the ships lost contact with each other and their line astern formation became jumbled and confused. When daylight came, even Claudius’ flagship found itself out of position at the very rear of straggling line. As the disorganised Roman fleet approached the element of surprise was lost when it was spotted by shore patrols some way down the coast. Adherbal, the Punic admiral, at once manned his ships, bolstered by large numbers of mercenary volunteers acting as marines, and set sail out of the wide mouthed harbour just before the Romans arrived.

When the first Roman ships entered the harbour mouth the last of the Punic ships were already out to sea, rounding two small islands opposite the harbour mouth, and sailing parallel to the coast, but further out to sea than the Roman fleet. Claudius tried to bring some kind of order to his fleet by signalling his ships to concentrate and form a line of battle. This entailed those ships entering the harbour to turn around, a process that caused even more chaos. Before Claudius could restore any order whatsoever, Adherbal was already forming his 130 ships into a formidable battle line in preparation for an attack.

Wargaming the Battle

The deployment map shows the Roman fleet in three scattered squadrons of five heavy quinqueremes each (A – C). Claudius’ flagship (X) is towards the rear of the Roman line astern. There are 16 ships in total. It is doubtful that the Romans were still using the corvus at this time but a lack of evidence does not prove absence.
Adherbal (X) commands four squadrons (G - J) of four heavy quinqueremes each. There are 17 ships in total.

This battle is being fought using Fleet of Battle rules published in Wargames Illustrated (# 278) December 2010. The scenario requires two special scenario rules, otherwise the rules will be played as standard:

1) Each fleet only has one flagship for all three squadrons. This has been done to emphasise the relative position and effect of the opposing admirals, and because of the relatively small fleet size.
2) The Roman player may not use Turn cards to turn ships that are not in the Entrance to Drepana Harbour square, until the Special 1 card has been played.

Fleet scale is one ship model represents approximately 7.5 ships
Trained Fleet Command: D10
Trained Fleet Deck: Replace 2 Lull Cards with 1 Squadron Action, 1 Tactical Advantage.

Squadron Quality 
Command: Poor D8
Ramming and Raking: Trained
Boarding: Seasoned
Seamanship: Trained

Trained Fleet Command: D10
Trained Fleet Deck: Replace 3 Lull Cards with 2 Squadron Action, 1 Tactical Advantage.

Squadron G & I Quality
Command: G & I Seasoned D12, H & J Trained D10.
Ramming and Raking: Veteran
Boarding: Seasoned
Seamanship: Seasoned

Victory Conditions
To win, if the Roman ships are not equipped with corvus they must sink or capture 5 or more enemy ships and escape with 5 ships. If equipped with corvus they must sink or capture 7 or more enemy ships and escape with 5 ships.

Carthage must sink or capture 11 Roman ships to win.

Any other result is a draw

Models on display
The models on display are 1:600 scale. They were all produced by Xyston Miniatures. They were all painted in enamels by James Roach (Olicana Painting Service). The sea boards were kindly lent to the Ilkley Lads, for this action, by Brian Hicks of Leeds Wargames Club - thank you Brian.

I will add photos of the game ASAP after Fiasco. Unfortunately, I cannot set it up on my own table at present due to the ongoing 2nd Battle of Hispilis.

The Fall of Carthage by Adrian Goldsworthy (Cassel)
The Rise of the Roman Empire by Polybius (Penguin)
Various 'Wiki' and similar websites.

SnD Weekly 10/23: Daily Challenges! Creature Universe Electric, Ground, and Mythical Revealed!

Want to get the Shiny Starters? Shiny Zorua? Shiny legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

Welcome again! Let's get to it! We've got some great things coming out this week, so let's talk about them.

New Mystery Gift
Again we will put it up for vote on the poll. Some of you commented that I shouldn't put such popular pokemon such as Riolu on it since it would obviously win the poll. Note taken! I took one of the commenter's suggestion for the poll this week. Let's see what happens! The options will be Klink, Trubbish, Vanillite, and Foongus. (Thanks Missingno. Master!)

New Story Level
The new level will have the conclusion to the events of the last level and introduce Route 30. Meaning new pokemon to capture!

New Pokemon Center Feature: Daily Challenge!
For PTD1 we had something called the daily code. For a certain amount of pokedollars you could get some nice prizes. This was fine and dandy but we are taking it to the next level in PTD2. Introducing Daily Challenges!

Okay so first of all we will have a new type of coin called "daily coins" that you will get by completing Daily Challenges. These coins will let you purchase shiny pokemon! For people who will complain that it's not fair for those who bought snd coins it is good to note that it won't be easy to collect enough coins to get a rare shiny pokemon. But for everybody who can't or won't want to buy SnD coins there is now a way to slowly build up enough coins to get one.

The first challenge will be to capture 30 of a certain pokemon and give them to the old man in the Daily Challenge section (which will come out this week).

The first time you do this in the current day you will get 10 daily coins. You can actually repeat the quest as much as you want during that day but you will only get 1 daily coin after doing it once. The next day the quest will reset. So basically first time you do it in that day you get 10 then the rest are 1 and so on every day. This is similar to the Daily Quest in World of Warcraft, except you can repeat them.

Some of the prices for the shiny will range from the hundreds to the thousands depending on rarity.

Also the quest will change every so often to offer some variety in what you will be doing. Sometimes it will be to capture a bunch of pokemon, other times to level up a specific pokemon, or complete a certain amount of trades with different people, or bringing him shinies.

I want to hear what you guys think about it!

And Other Items
This one person complained that I had some items in the list for a long time, and while others pretty much explained why this was I wanted to comment on it publicly. Basically I have things in the list that are somewhat high priority but every week I get things that I consider higher in priority so I put them above those other ones. If I ever get a good chance to make them happen then I will but for now they will just keep getting dragged a long as we go. The list helps me a lot to keep track of what I need to be doing so it helps me probably more than it helps you guys.

  Alpha v1.23 is now out! New Route 30! New Pokemon to capture! Find out what happens after Giovanni shows up!
  • Give Shadow Hoppip the proper attacks
  • Changed the way confusion works - Instead of having a 25% chance of doing damage to the target for a period of time. It will be a 25% chance for the target not to do its attack and instead take damage over a period of time.
  • Increased the cooldown on moves that buff or debuff - If a move only buffs or debuffs by one level it was increased to 2.4 seconds. If it buffs or debuffs by two levels then it was increased to 3.6 seconds.
  • New Story Level
    • Intro Scene
    • NPC Dialog Changes
    • New Map
    • New Spawn Locations
    • New Waves
  • New Pokemon To Add
    • New Behaviors
      • Caterpie
      • Metapod
      • Weedle
      • Kakuna
      • Ledyba
      • Spinarak
    • New Abilities
      • Early Bird
      • Rattled
      • Ice Body
    • New Attacks
      • Supersonic
      • Comet Punch
      • Constrict
      • Scary Face
      • Leech Life
      • Icicle Spear
      • Uproar
    • New Graphics
    • Add Stats
    • Evolution Info
    • Attacks Info
  • New Mystery Gift
    • New Graphics
    • Add Stats
    • Evolution Info
    • Attacks Info
  • Setting up Server Code for Mystery Gift
  • Updating Mystery Gift on the game
  • Updating the Blog Mystery Gift Links
  • Add new Pokemon To Trading Center
Creature Universe Starters - Electric, Ground, Mythical Revealed
This week I wanted to show you guys some new creatures that we have made. Please note that while most of Creature Universe will be free. Only the Water, Grass, Fire starters will be available for free. All the other starters will be unlocked with a small fee. I will talk more about this next week. These are the current starter we have for Electric, Ground and Mythical!
WIP Electric Starter line

WIP Ground Starter Line

WIP Mythical Starter Line
Well that is all that I have for this week, as always let me know what you think! Keep checking back to see how I'm doing to release this update.

We are opening up the Kickstarter pledge manager to new customers.

For customers that missed the Kickstarter or were unable to pledges due to the credit card restrictions of Amazon Payments, we are opening up the pledge manager to accept new backers.

We are accepting two payment formats, each has specific instructions below. Please note: The pledge manager will not be available after November 1st.



-Please be aware-
If you were a backer of the original Kickstarter DO NOT USE THIS! Your account will not show the amount that you have already paid and you will end up double paying. If you have not received the email, please contact Wargames Factory and ask them to re-send.

For new backers that will be paying via credit card:

1)      Follow this link

2)      In the upper right corner, use the link “Create new account”

3)      Fill in the pledge with the items you wish to receive and finalize your payment with your credit card

For new backers that wish to pay via PayPal:

1)                  Follow this link

2)                  In the upper right corner, use the link “Create new account”

3)                  Fill in the pledge with the items you wish to receive to get your PayPal total DO NOT SEND

4)                  Pay the total for the items you wish to receive via PayPal. Send payment to : admin@wargamesfactory.net

5)                  Wargames factory will set up your account with the total amount paid.

6)                  Log back into your pledge manager account and finalize your order.


If you have any questions regarding the use of the pledge manager or payments please contact Wargames Factory at this link.


All the best!

Mark Mondragon


The 2nd Battle of Hispilis 204 BC

Hasdrubal opened hostilities with an attack on his right wing.....
...and an attack on his left. 
The cavalry attack on the right was inconclusive; that on the left was largely a matter of skirmishing by Numidians.

Scrotivius (aka 'The Old Scrote') writes of the battle's next phase: 

"Scipio gave the order. The Roman infantry, with blare of trumpet, went forward, en masse, without regard for themselves or the Gods: They went to do or die."

The Roman centre reaches its mark 
The Carthaginians launch several devastating countercharges along the line. 

Scrotivius again:

"But the enemy, undaunted, charged with war cries so fierce, and the ground beneath the feet of the elephants shook so violently, that the bravado of the legionaries wavered and several maniples broke at contact."

I rolled three maximum 12s in a row whilst Peter struggled to get a 2 in reply. 

On the right, supporting African infantry begin to tilt the balance. 
The battle becomes general all along the line. Casualties mount on both sides. 
Another shot of the Romans getting stuck in.

Six shots of the battle, from the Carthaginian left to right showing the state of play after the first nights play. The first shot shows the 'Carthaginian hope' - a vulnerable flank. In the centre the Spanish infantry and elephants, despite initial successes are looking decidedly flaky - they are simply no match for Scipios well trained 'veterans'.

Two further shots of the battle. In a moment of madness, I actually counted up the number of figures in this battle. I said that there were less than 1500 men: Quite a good guess, there were 1482 men.

Hopefully, we will will fight this battle to a conclusion next week. The battle has lasted only one turn so far (4 to go) but both sides have already lost 50+ morale chips each. The battle is, to say the least, bloody, very bloody.

More SYW stuff painted


First up, another unit of Russian Hussars. This is my Venguerski Regiment, in a very fetching red. As with the last regiment of hussars I painted, this unit is along the lines of, 'on a budget', make do and mend. Firstly, they should be wearing tall fur hats, not these short ones. Secondly, I only have 7 of them, so to fill the space I used one of my precious Prussian horse casualties. I'm not sure where the hussar's horse came from, but the pose, after a bit of leg bending, was most useful and fitted the figure very well. Anyway two more shots of the unit, front and back.

Next up, my last battery of Russian guns (I still have a battery of secret howitzers and a battery of unicorns to do). This too is the product of a few eBay purchases, in that the stands came from at least three sources - guns, crew, infantry figs. And this begs a very big question: Why, given that artillery crew for guns was standardised, amongst the fraternity, years ago, at 4 figures per gun, did Wagames Foundry decide to do their crew packs in sixes? Anyway, I used a couple of spare infantry figures, the ones in white waistcoats, to make up the difference.

I now only have 6 Russian units in stock - another regiment of line infantry, and the five units (4x 36 fig line, and 1x 24 fig grenadier) of Observation Corps. Later, I'll finish off with the howitzer batteries (x2) and two more regiments of cavalry (1x dragoon, 1x horse dragoon) with purchases from Front Rank.

I have now done 31 of the 41 units. The end, as they say, is in sight.

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