Painting Report - Budget units

 A Russian hussar regiment. In this case, the Serbski Regiment in cornflower blue. This unit should have 'tall' fur hats, but eBay could only provide me with short ones. These figures were £2 a pop, and I'll take the short fur hats, thank you. SYW experts might wince, but I'm happy to compromise - after all, I'm from the generation of war gamers who.....


4th Grenadier Regiment. This unit still needs a flag.

This latest units has a couple of ringers in it. I have sawed off some tricorns and replaced them with miters. I have replaced an NCO standard bearer's flag staff with a musket. Ebay can only go so far in providing what you want, but with a little time and effort it can be just enough. If you look VERY closely - but, who the hell does.

In these times of austerity........

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