iPad project at cps - week 1 - Ipad review- Mrs Ismail

We used the ipads for mental and oral starters on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in our Maths set (top set). We showed the children how to find and use the ‘Explore Learning Times Tables’ app on the Tuesday, and they were able to find, load and use the app independently on the Wednesday and Thursday. We used the ‘Time Trail’ in the ‘Quizzes’ section and the children had 1 minute answer multiplication multiple choice questions. Having learnt the 5x table by rote in class, this was an opportunity for them to show their understanding and they really engaged with the tech, building up the speed of their recall to achieve silver levels!
We also used the same app for recall of the 3x table and it has made a huge impact on the children’s ability to recall and identify the correct multiple of 3! They were focussed on the task, developed team working skills and supported each other in finding the correct answers. This learning was also reflected in their class work!
The ipads were also used by another maths set, using the same app. The teacher found that the children were keen to use them and their level of engagement in the learning was far higher than with other methods, with every child wanting to find the correct answer.
The children loved using the ipads and have said they will be asking parents to download the maths apps on their personal ipads so they can learn all of their times tables!

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