7th Armoured Division for Operation Crusader (1:5 scale ish)

I have finalised the organisation of 7th Armoured Division, November 1941. It is a large formation and, for Operation Crusader, it had several attached assets from outside the division (including an armoured brigade! The 22nd). Consequently, I have decided to base my organisation on the four Brigade Groups (including 7th Support Group) that were the division's manoeuvre elements for the operation.

I know of only one significant fudge. I have separated the carrier recon platoons from the companies of the Motor Battalions and formed them into a separate company that is deployed by the bulk of the battalion (note that 7th Support Group has detached a motor company from its two motor battalions to 22nd and 7th Brigade Groups).

I have checked the British lead pile and I will be able to field any of the three armoured Brigade Groups. I will be able to field 7th Support Group. I will be able to field any of the Armoured Brigade Groups with 7th Support Group. I will be able to field 4th Brigade Group with 22nd Brigade Group, 4th Brigade Group with 7th Brigade Group, but unable to field 22nd Brigade Group with 7th Brigade group (because they share the same A15 Crusader models - at least, presently).

Anyway, here are my organisational diagrams for all four groups. Perhaps they will be useful to someone.

15th Panzer Division 1941 1:5 scale

This lunchtime I checked my unpainted German lead pile to make sure that I have everything I need for 15th Panzer Division at the start of Operation Crusader in November 1941. Refighting Operation Crusader as a campaign is the ultimate aim of this collection, and units from this formation will provide the bulk of the German units needed. I will probably field one or two Regimental battlegroups on table at the same time.

I have fudged one or two issues so that the units are better suited to the rules I'm using. The most important organisational change is the extra Pz II company. My companies shoot as units, not as individual tanks, and count as a single target; this means that the tactical flank protection role of the Pz II platoons is rather lost. By organising them as a separate unit (stripping them out of the Pz III and Pz IV companies) their tactical function becomes relevant again - though they provide it to the whole battalion rather than their company. It is companies playing at platoon scale. The number of tanks is right overall.

Splitting the armoured cars for the Aufklarungs Battalion into 3 rather than 5 platoons is neither here nor there to me. The armoured car screen generally operated in widely spaced adhoc groups of cars with attached assets from the battalion. The whole organisation seems to have been quite fluid. 

Likewise, creating a separate company of Sdkfz 251 mounted MMGs rather than having 1 Sdkfz 251 per company also makes sense. The unit has the right number of companies and the number of MMG stands remains unchanged. This unit contains the only hole in the inventory - I am 3 deployed MMGs short, but I can't imagine player's taking them out of their Sdkfz 251 anyway (we shall see!).

I've also neglected to include many logistical and administration elements - I did this to lessen the cost (especially in lorries) and keep the table, in what will be quite large actions, uncluttered.

Anyway, MMGs and one or two battalion command stands (which will not be required in practise) aside, I have everything to field all of 15th Panzer at the same time - though I might need a bigger table (and a bigger house to put it in!).

Here is my Divisional organisation. It generally follows the OOB found in Command Decision's Benghazi Handicap by Frank Chadwick. 

25pdr Regiment

I have just finished four British 25pdr gun howitzers to complete the first field artillery regiment of two (my collection is scaled at 1:5 approx.).

The regiment comprises three batteries of two guns each (each gun actually representing 4). A FOO stand (carrier bourne), and a regimental command stand. There should, of course, be several other vehicles carrying ammunition, admin staff, etc. However, these are of little worth and would just clutter and 'confuse' the table so I have decided to keep units (of all types) stripped to the essentials.

All vehicles, except for the Bedford with office body, are Battlefront Miniatures (FoW). The Bedford, from memory, is Peter Pig. I have painted them using Humbrol enamels and acrylic ink.

 Command stand - note a large volume of 'The King's Regs.' on the table.
 One of the guns from the back....
 ........and from the front.
Quad tractor.

Next up, 2pdr AT guns on portees and a couple of 15cm howitzers.

UPDATE! Hearse Driver 3D v1.1

Hearse Driver 3D version 1.1 is now available on the App Store with full support for the New iPad's Retina display.
Plus the Store items are now much cheaper.

Here is the changelog of version 1.1:
- Fixed controls and user interface for the New iPad
- Lowered Shop prices
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations

We will appreciate if you leave some Reviews in the App Store so the new users can learn from your experience how awesome the game is!

Painted Leviathan Crusader Nearing Completion

A  while back I was searching for a painter that could handle the Leviathan Crusader and Mortis as well as a few Eisenkern Stromtroopers. My search lead me to Poland, arguably some of the most talented painters in the world.

I was searching for a painter that could take the large open surfaces and give them a nice shaded worn and weathered look, someone who could bridge the gap between historic vehicles and Sci-fi. I stumbled on Przemyslaw Szymczyk, an extremely talented painter who had all the qualities I was looking for, and to my good fortune, an opening in his schedule. 

You can see what he did with the Stormtroopers here
Here you can see some W.I.P. pics of the Crusader. I think you will agree that his work is simply AMAZING! Przemyslaw has expressed an interest in painting the Leviathan Mortis and I am more than happy to oblige.

 I hope that I have the opportunity to work with him on future projects as well, he is a fantastic artist.
 Lol.. NUTCRACKER and hello Kitty on the guns ;), this is all Przemyslaw

UPDATE! Crimelife 3 beta 0.5 is now available!

It's been a while since my last update, but I have finally found some time to update Crimelife 3.
There are tons of bug fixes in this release, some great improvements and also many new features that I hope you will enjoy!
To see what's new make sure you read the full Changelog of the current version (v0.5) here: http://crimelife3.blogspot.com/2009/11/changelog.html
A big thanks to all you guys out there and the support you give.

To Download the latest version of the game go to the Downloads page.

and here are a few new screenshots:

Looking Foxy

This past week, I've taken time away from painting my 28mm stuff. I have decided to paint some bits and pieces from my 15mm World War Two lead pile. It is in need of some serious brush attention. I have painted virtually no German infantry up to now, and Rommel has been perched, unpainted on that armoured command vehicle for over a year.

Aswell as my 'German High Level Command Stand' I plumbed for painting up 200th Schutzen Regiment for 15th Panzer Division. Most of it still needs basing.

200th Schutzen comprises 15th Kradschutzen (motorcycle) Battalion, 2nd Machine Gun Battalion, and two Regimental elements. There are two fudges.

The first is a collection wide compromise: Instead of having three trucks to move infantry elements I have decided to use just two (when the collection is finished I will have over 80 trucks painted and will be able to 'upgrade', but until then......).  

The second compromise is organisational. 2nd MG should have three companies of MGs each with one platoon in SdKfz 251. This does not really work at the level I play my games, so I have reorganised the three SdKfz 251s into their own company.
Regimental HQ stand and the regimental artillery - a Sig33 representing 707th IG Coy. This SPG is one of my all time favourite vehicles: It is a pity that only 12 were ever built; it is fortunate they all went to Africa. 
 The heavy company (5cm PaK38 and a medium mortar) and command stand for 2nd MG Btn.
 Two companies of truck bourne medium machine guns.
One company of medium machine guns in SdKfz 251. I might add three dismounted MGs and crew at some point in the future.
 15th Kradschutzen Btn. command stand and heavy company (3.7cm PaK36 and a 7.5cm IG).
 One of three motorcycle companies each comprising seven motorcycle combinations and fifteen dismounted panzergrenadiers well equipped with light machine guns.
 There's that man again. The Mammoth's paint scheme was taken from Tank Power vol. 295 Rommel's Tanks. Although the main text is in Polish, the one hundred and one superb plate captions are in English and Polish (recommended). Note that I have added an open roof hatch for the radio operator.
Some of Rommel's staff discuss dinner. Note that I have added an open side door.

Next up - I have a 25pdr regiment and some 2pdr portees to finish.

Moving Forward one Step at a time

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Welcome to the Sam and Dan Games Developer Blog! Moving forward one step at a time.

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Moving Forward one step at a time
It has been almost a month since I last wrote a blog post, making Pokemon Tower Defense changed my life quite a bit but the changes in the last few months have had a greater impact on me than anything else in my life and they aren't done. What changes are you talking about Sam? The biggest change was moving out from my parent's house. The move itself wasn't that bad besides having my computers stop working for a bit. The transition has been harder. You go from a place where most of the responsibilities are split among several people living in a home to just you. You are responsible for everything and everything takes time. Time away from doing the things you were used to doing. After about a month I feel like I'm getting used to it and I'm able to split my time effectively so that I can create content for you guys and girls. My wedding in also very near (less than 2 months away) luckily we have most of the preparations done and now it will be all about the final details. It has been a fun journey and I look forward to actually getting the wedding done. For the honeymoon I will be away for 2 weeks, so there won't be any updates during that time since I won't be around. That is why I'm not taking breaks now and I try to keep pushing forward one step at a time.

This week's update
For this week I really want to keep advancing the story mode of the game. We have been stuck at one badge for such a long time! I think it's time to reach Azalea Town and get our second badge! Along the way we will travel through South Route 32, Union Cave and Route 33. There will be new pokemon to catch, a new item to buy and some new PTD1 to PTD2 transfers! 

One of the pokemon that you can catch is Slowpoke. Slowpoke will have a chance to be holding a King's rock and that will be the only way to get one for now so look out for that. You will be able to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking and Poliwhirl into Politoed by trading them with the King's Rock so look forward to that.

Also this update we will finally be adding the Cosmoid Fundraiser rewards for those who donated 10 or more they will be able to choose one of the cosmoid starters for their PTD2 collection!

As usual we will also have the mystery gift and the giveaway pokemon. Right now it looks like Poison will win this week.

Weekly Progress

Cosmoids Progress

  • Design Level 8 - 11 (50%)
        PTD2  v1.47.1 Released! (100%)
        • Mystery Gift (100%)
          • New Graphic (100%)
          • Change Links (100%)
          • Add code to Server (100%)
        • New Pokemon (100%)
          • Graphics (100%)
          • Stats (100%)
          • New Attacks (100%)
            • Defend Order (100%)
            • Heal Order (100%)
            • Toxic (100%)
          • New Abilities (100%)
            • Wonder Guard (100%)
            • Speed Boost (100%)
            • Honey Gather (100%)
          • Evolutions (100%)
          • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
          • Add to Trading Center (100%)
        • Fix being able to use the running shoes with Shift before you get them (100%)
        • Fixed an error in the attack Scary Face's description (100%)
        PTD2 future release
        • Cosmoids Fundraiser Reward (0%)
          • Graphics (0%)
          • Stats (0%)
          • Evolution Info (0%)
          • Add to Trading Center (0%)
        • Game breaking glitch that won't let you fight lugia (0%)
        • Fix Metal Coat not showing up before you grab it the first time (0%)
        • Added a confirmation page to adopting player's pokemon (100%)
          PTD2  v1.47 Released! (100%)  (Download latest version on the Game Downloads Page)
          • New Pokemon (100%)
            • Graphics (100%)
            • Stats (100%)
            • New Abilities (100%)
              • Drizzle (100%)
            • New Attacks (100%)
              • Perish Song (100%)
            • Evolution Info (100%)
            • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
            • Add to Trading Center (100%)
          • New Item (100%)
            • Graphic (100%)
            • Programming (100%)
            • Implement on Pokemon Center Website (100%)
          • Azalea Town (100%)
            • Town Music (100%)
            • Map Graphic (100%)
            • Triggers/Collision (100%)
            • People (100%)
            • Houses (100%)
              • Kurt Graphic (100%)
              • Map Graphic (100%)
              • Triggers/Collision (100%)
              • People (100%)
            • Gym (100%)
              • Bugsy Graphic (100%)
              • Map Graphic (100%)
              • Triggers/Collision (100%)
              • Trainers (100%)
              • Battle Maps (100%)
                • Background Graphic (100%)
                • Double Battle Layout (100%)
                • Single Battle Layout (100%)
                • Bugsy Battle Layout (100%)
              • Gym Battle (100%)
                • New Attacks (100%)
                  • Spinarak Attack (100%)
                • New Pokemon AI (100%)
                  • Metapod's Pattern (100%)
                  • Scyther's Pattern (100%)
                  • Ariados' Pattern (100%)
            • PokeMart (100%)
              • New Items (100%)
            • PokeCenter (100%)
            • Slowpoke Well (100%)
              • Map Graphic (100%)
              • Triggers/Collision (100%)
              • Fishing Spots (100%)
              • New Pokemon Behavior (100%)
              • Battle Wave (100%)
          • Transfers Slowpoke and Slowbro from PTD1 to PTD2 (100%)
          • Fixed a misspelling with the ability Truant's name (100%)
          • Certain fights will give double experience if your pokemon is under a certain level (100%) - For example if you are below level 35 during some of the new waves you will get double experience for that pokemon to help you reach the intended level.
          PTD2 v1.46.3 Released! (100%)
          • Mystery Gift (100%)
            • New Graphic (100%)
            • Change Links (100%)
            • Add code to Server (100%)
          • New Pokemon (100%)
            • Graphics (100%)
            • Stats (100%)
            • New Abilities (100%)
              • Immunity (100%)
              • Toxic Boost (100%)
              • Truant (100%)
            • New Attacks (100%)
              • Slack Off (100%)
            • Evolution Info (100%)
            • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
            • Add to Trading Center (100%)
          • Added the correct music to Union Cave (100%)
          • Fixed a bug with Route 33 battles not showing the current time graphic (100%)
              PTD2 v1.46.2 Released! 
              • Union Cave (100%)
                • Map BFloor 1 (100%)
                  • Graphic (100%)
                  • Triggers/Collisions (100%)
                  • Trainers (100%)
              • Route 33 (100%)
                • Map Graphic (100%)
                • Triggers/Collision (100%)
                • New Wild Pokemon Battles (100%) - Higher level while pokemon with evolutions included in waves to provide more experience.
                • Trainer (100%)
              • Fixed a bug when switching shoes and going into a new map would cause the game to be unresponsive (100%)
              • Make the Shift key toggle running shoes (100%)
              PTD2 v1.46 Released! (100%)
              • Mystery Gift (100%)
                • New Graphic (100%)
                • Change Links (100%)
                • Add code to Server (100%)
              • New Pokemon (100%)
                • Graphics (100%)
                • Stats (100%)
                • New Abilities (100%)
                  • Poison Touch (100%)
                • New Attacks (100%)
                  • Aqua Ring (100%)
                  • Poison Jab (100%)
                  • Poison Tail (100%)
                  • Poison Fang (100%)
                • Evolution Info (100%)
                • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
                • Add to Trading Center (100%)
              • Route 32 South (100%)
                • Map Graphic (100%)
                • Triggers/Collision (100%)
                • Fishing Spots (100%)
                • Trainers (100%)
              • Union Cave (100%)
                • New Wild Pokemon Behavior (100%) 
                  • Onix (100%)
                  • Sandshrew (Gold Exclusive) (100%)
                • Battle Map (100%)
                • Fishing Battle Map (100%)
                • Fishing Battles (100%)
                • Wild Pokemon Battles (100%)
                • Map Floor 1 (100%)
                  • Graphic (100%)
                  • Hiker NPC Graphic (100%)
                  • Triggers/Collision (100%)
                  • Trainers (100%)
                    • Battle Waves (100%)
                    • Trainer Positions (100%)
                    • Trainer Dialog (100%)
              • Fixed a bug that would make the enemy stop attacking under certain conditions (100%)
              • Transfer Goldeen and Seaking from PTD1 to PTD2 (100%)
              That's what is coming this week, keep checking back to see how I'm doing and as always let me know what you think!

              I was having a Bir last night........

              Last night Peter and I stayed in the arid regions of the world, but shifted time to late 1941. The Game was a simple attack scenario: Elements of 7th Armoured Vs elements of 15th Panzer.

              The Germans, comprising 33rd Aufklarungs Battalion reinforced by the armoured engineer company of 33rd Pioneers and an anti tank company of 33rd Panzerjager, had laagered around a Bir next to a large, steep sided, depression. Somewhere to their rear lay 1st Battalion of 8th Panzer Regiment with a towed battery of 88s of 33rd Flak. Also in support, and somewhere 'out in the blue' were three batteries of 10.5cm of 33rd Artillery.

              The British, with orders to take the Bir and the southern entrances to the depression, comprised 3rd and 4th Regiments County of London Yeomanry, a squadron from 11th Hussars (armoured cars), 1st Battalion The King's Royal Rifle Corps, and a battery of 25pdrs from 4th Royal Horse Artillery.

              The attack was scheduled for dawn but even the best laid British plans are often shaken to bits by the vagueries of the Piquet initiative system. Before the Brits had left their start lines 1st Btn of 8th Panzer Regt had arrived (Randomly, it arrived at the far end of the depression) and moved up almost unopposed. Only the guns of 4th RHA, sighted on the lip of the depression, caused any harm before it was almost destroyed by the accurate shooting of the German PzIVE company. Even the RAF missed a golden opportunity.

              As the Germans reached the southern exits of the depression, all hell broke loose with 4th CLY. The British 2pdrs, manned by men new to their tasks, were no matchfor the men of the 8th. The 3rd CLY, after having come under sustained attack from AT guns, eventually managed to get onto the flank of 33rd Aufklarungs, but their bolt was shot and their spirit broken. The British withdrew and the Germans halted to replenish.

              Anyway, that is kind of how it went. Here are some shots (BTW, if you think it crammed for a desert action, the ground scale is 50m to the inch - the table is 7.2 km / 4.5 miles wide. Figure scale is roughly 1:5):


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