25pdr Regiment

I have just finished four British 25pdr gun howitzers to complete the first field artillery regiment of two (my collection is scaled at 1:5 approx.).

The regiment comprises three batteries of two guns each (each gun actually representing 4). A FOO stand (carrier bourne), and a regimental command stand. There should, of course, be several other vehicles carrying ammunition, admin staff, etc. However, these are of little worth and would just clutter and 'confuse' the table so I have decided to keep units (of all types) stripped to the essentials.

All vehicles, except for the Bedford with office body, are Battlefront Miniatures (FoW). The Bedford, from memory, is Peter Pig. I have painted them using Humbrol enamels and acrylic ink.

 Command stand - note a large volume of 'The King's Regs.' on the table.
 One of the guns from the back....
 ........and from the front.
Quad tractor.

Next up, 2pdr AT guns on portees and a couple of 15cm howitzers.

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