7th Armoured Division for Operation Crusader (1:5 scale ish)

I have finalised the organisation of 7th Armoured Division, November 1941. It is a large formation and, for Operation Crusader, it had several attached assets from outside the division (including an armoured brigade! The 22nd). Consequently, I have decided to base my organisation on the four Brigade Groups (including 7th Support Group) that were the division's manoeuvre elements for the operation.

I know of only one significant fudge. I have separated the carrier recon platoons from the companies of the Motor Battalions and formed them into a separate company that is deployed by the bulk of the battalion (note that 7th Support Group has detached a motor company from its two motor battalions to 22nd and 7th Brigade Groups).

I have checked the British lead pile and I will be able to field any of the three armoured Brigade Groups. I will be able to field 7th Support Group. I will be able to field any of the Armoured Brigade Groups with 7th Support Group. I will be able to field 4th Brigade Group with 22nd Brigade Group, 4th Brigade Group with 7th Brigade Group, but unable to field 22nd Brigade Group with 7th Brigade group (because they share the same A15 Crusader models - at least, presently).

Anyway, here are my organisational diagrams for all four groups. Perhaps they will be useful to someone.


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