Filler shots

I'm in the process of formatting Ager Sanguinis Punic Wars. There are always a few gaps that need filling - to get the relevant rules onto whole pages (rather than split overleaf) for easy reference - so I took these shots. They might not be the ones I settle on for the final version, but I thought you might like to see them.

On Wednesday evening Peter J. and I will put the rules through their paces. I think we are almost there.

Khurasan Releases The Siler Super Heavy Antigrav!

Jon over at Khurasan just released the kit conversion for the 15mm scale Siler tank... This conversion updates the Siler and adds some Vroom Vroom speed to the massive vehicle.
The model is 96mm long and 60mm wide.

Priced at $15.99 for the tank with treads and $3.99 for the upgrade kit its quite a deal! Now go support the Indi manufacturer and pick up the platoon of three.

Check out the release on TMP

'Mythology' Trailer 1

The current project I'm working on is a 3rd Person Action/Adventure game based on the Greek mythology. The main protagonist of the game is a little boy with the name Timaeus.
Coming soon...

I did this trailer to show you how the game looks and plays. Everything is from early work in progress. Many things may change in the final version.
Sorry for the bad framerate, it's because of the slow video capturing program I used.

I just took a dump on your Internets ;)

I just updated a few areas of the DreamForge-Games website. This update centered around the game system, factions, history and tech.

Start your tour here and use the menu bars at the top center of the page to view the new content.

Enjoy! and please let me know what you think about it.

Pre-Orders for the Mortis and Crusader will be available soon!

The Leviathan Mortis and Crusader are at the casters right now!
Molds are being made of all components, including, add-on armor, left and right Mauler Claw arms, left and right Vulkan Cannons, Executioners Sword and Reaper Scythe.
If you remember my earlier statement about not accepting pre-orders, you will be happy to know that I am going to break my rule on this. I would not do so if I did not have full confidence in my contract caster. He runs a full time shop with eight employees doing nothing but this kind of service and utilizing expensive equipment, resin injection machines and HUGE pressure tanks.
When I receive the first article (cast) and fingers crossed there are no issues, I will post pics of the actual casing from this supplier and open pre-orders for the Leviathan Crusader and Mortis. Available options will be additional weapons and armor upgrade (armor seen in pic of Crusader below).
We are sitting about three to four weeks out from when I open up pre-orders, so start saving your pennies ;) The pre orders will be at a discounted price (estimate $50.00 to $75.00 off retail) $300-$275.00 for the base models configured with the weapons that normally come with the kit. Additional weapons and add-on armor (estimated $12.00 off retail for the weapons) $33.00 each.
This price may go up or down slightly depending on what the actual cost is from the contract caster.

What you need to know:
Pre-orders will not start until I am happy with the casts.
You will see pics of the actual casts before I open pre-orders.
There will be a limited number of pre-order slots available.
I will give either 20 or 30 days before closing the pre-orders, this may happen much sooner if the volume of orders is high and we reach our maximum slots.
Preorders must be paid in full with Paypal.
What can you expect for wait time before a package arrives at your door? Likely two months, perhaps sooner or perhaps a little longer. (20-30 days (or less) to take all pre orders, 15 to 30 days to receive the casts from the supplier, 3 to 5 days in transit to you if you live in the US or Canada, overseas shipping will take a bit longer).

Orders will be filled in the order that they were received.
I can offer the discount because the caster allows for a break on volume pricing. After the initial pre-orders have been completed, I cannot guarantee the discounted price going forward. Soooo if you have been eying one of these models then you may want to consider doing a pre-order to get the best price possible.
As always, I will post any updates to my Blog so you know the status of the pre-orders.

Protectorate Trooper and Eisenkern Trooper WIP

I have been pulling together models for what will be my 28mm and 15mm minis.
I first build a mesh in Rhino, and then export as an OBJ to Zbrush to flesh out details on fabric and leather items. Nothing beats Rhino for hard surface items such as armor and helmets but Zbrush is ideal for the soft items.

You can see here the base mesh for the Protectorate Trooper.
 Here you can see the Zbrush detailing to the boots and pants. The folds are symmetrical now but will be corrected when the model is posed.

Here are a couple of shots of the Eisenkern WIP.
The feet, hands, and some details have been oversized. When you shrink it down to its 28mm scale it looks more appropriate to the scale of the figure.

Ager Sanguinis Goes Punic

Last night Peter J. and I played a small Punic Wars game. Primarily it was to see how Ager Sanguinis rules could be modified for the Punic Wars. To make life interesting I set up a scenario where the Romans had to come straight off the line of march and break through the Carthaginians in hilly and wooded terrain. Deployment was 'free' and both sides deployed the bulk of their forces on the same side of the table; with the game played long ways (giving only a 6 foot wide table to begin with), and limiting terrain, this led to everything piling up in a small area of ground - a slogging match.

As for the rules - we used the AS quick play sheet and made everything else up as we went along - they worked well for a first outing. Most troops, formations and weapons have now been classified and their position in the tables decided. I've got to say that Piquet's Field of Battle by Brent Oman (on which AS is largely based) is such a strong, mechanically sound rule set that tweaks are easily made to 'stick' without unbalancing the basic mechanisms.

Keep going - gotta keep going

The Punic War project is now beginning to tell on me. Every unit is now a struggle. I've just counted the painted figures and there are 1275 of them. There are still about 1000 to do - Good God! Thankfully, on finishing some of the batches I can say "no more of that type - finally, never again, basta".

Here are the latest Roman cavalry, Spanish cavalry and Libyan infantry. Next up, Gallic cavalry and African skirmish types.

32 Roman cavalry. Actually the last of the allied cavalry. The 64 cavalry for the Romans are now done.

16 Spanish cavalry. These are the last of the Spanish cavalry figures 'in the box'. I now have 48, but I fear I might be a couple of units short.

48 Libyan spear men. This completes half of the 292 I have to do.

All figures are Renegade painted in Humbrol enamels. Shield transfers are LBM. Banner transfer (octopus) is Veni Vidi Vici. Spanish bull's head standards are Gripping Beast. Some Spanish [long] shields are Crusader (? I think).

Bir El Gubi 1941 wins best demo-game

Bir el Gubi went down well at the York show on Sunday. The game was awarded the prize for best demo-game. We've been doing demos at Vapnartak for years and didn't even know there was one. Our table was in a prime spot, with good light, and was slightly off the thoroughfare - it was very comfortable (compared to some). More pictures of the game, and the scenario notes, can be found below in previous posts .

The show was very busy in the morning and stayed busier than usual all day. The racecourse is a very good venue and everyone at the show seemed to be having a good time - even the traders were happy.
Thanks, to everyone who stopped to look and say hello.

Chow! Ariete for Vapnartak

I recently did these for the Bir el Gubi game that the Ilkley Lads will take to Vapnartak this coming Sunday. Having heard a friend relate a story, of when coming in to land at Milan airport the illumination of the seat belt sign was accompanied by every Italian putting on sunglasses in unison, I couldn't resist getting the Miliput out for the battalion officer stand - chow, baby.

All vehicles are FoW M14/41. I'll be using them as M13/40 tanks. All were painted in Humbrol enamels and artist's acrylic ink.

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