Keep going - gotta keep going

The Punic War project is now beginning to tell on me. Every unit is now a struggle. I've just counted the painted figures and there are 1275 of them. There are still about 1000 to do - Good God! Thankfully, on finishing some of the batches I can say "no more of that type - finally, never again, basta".

Here are the latest Roman cavalry, Spanish cavalry and Libyan infantry. Next up, Gallic cavalry and African skirmish types.

32 Roman cavalry. Actually the last of the allied cavalry. The 64 cavalry for the Romans are now done.

16 Spanish cavalry. These are the last of the Spanish cavalry figures 'in the box'. I now have 48, but I fear I might be a couple of units short.

48 Libyan spear men. This completes half of the 292 I have to do.

All figures are Renegade painted in Humbrol enamels. Shield transfers are LBM. Banner transfer (octopus) is Veni Vidi Vici. Spanish bull's head standards are Gripping Beast. Some Spanish [long] shields are Crusader (? I think).

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