Barinaeum and the death of a King.

Last night we fought the latest battle in the Isle of Fob campaign. Following up their victory at Ghazzan, Gudrupee the Malik Fob advanced southward in an attempt to take the Christian capital. They were met on the open Plain of Barinaeum by King Louis with a large force of mixed cavalry. The winter battle that followed was very short and sharp. The forces of Gudrupee were almost destroyed and Gudrupee himself fell in the fight.

Christian Deployment:
 Moslem Deployment:
 The Moslems in trouble:
 The Death of Gudrupee:
 Knights crash home:
 Horse archers harrassing civilians in the Christian rear:

Trebbia part 2

The Roman infantry clash with the Carthaginian hordes in the centre - the meat  grinder whirs into action.

But on the Roman right flank the Carthaginian envelopment is into full swing.

On the Roman left the allied cavalry has collapsed and the Romans are in serious trouble - they are running out of mrale chips.

The Roman centre just before it collapsed on a failed major morale check.

I don't think many Romans got away.

Hero Tower Defense Tuesday: Day 7! Talents, Kevin's Blog and game progress.

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Tuesday!

Sketch of logo

Go here to read the Day 6 of Hero Tower Defense Tuesdays.

Sam again, working hard on the PTD update which is why this came so late.  I will continue talking about the talents and elements in this post plus give you guys an update on where the game is in programming so far.

If you haven't read last week's post then you will probably be really lost so I suggestion you give that a quick look and then come back to read this.

First a lot of you commented on adding more elements to the mix and while that may be possible we want to keep it pretty simple at first and then in the future possibly add more elements as we go. Today when I explain the talents more you will see why we want to keep it at 5 elements for now.

Okay so in HTD the elemental talent system has some pretty unique features.
  • Every character gets the same elemental talent tree, regardless of what you pick.
  • Regardless of what element you are attuned to, you can pick skills from any element. (If you are attuned to Fire you can still pick up water element skills or shadow element, etc.)
  • Skills are separated by Physical and Magic and then by elements. (See picture below)

Mock up of Elemental Talent Trees
  • You can get special combination of moves by fulfilling the requirement of that move. Combination moves are special moves that sometimes give you a different version of the original move or a move that will trigger a special effect on a previous move. An example of this is a Tier 2 Magical Fire move that will create Magma Armor for your character, if you get a Tier 2 Water skill then it will unlock the combination move for the Magma Armor which is dousing the Magma Armor cooling it down and turning it into a Magma Stone Armor. The Magma Armor will help against magic while the Magma Stone Armor helps against physical attacks. In the picture below the requirement for Tier 1 Fire is to get any Tier 1 Light Move. You can see that now the combination move for Fire is unlocked. Note: Combination moves are free and don't cost points.
The combination requirement for Tier 1 Fire is Tier 1 Light, the combination move for Fire Tier 1 is unlocked.
  • You will get 15 points to work with once you reach the highest level in the game. You can go pure on an Element and it will unlock an Ultime move that you can use your last point in.
Using 7 Points on Fire Physical and 7 Points on Fire Magical will unlock an Ultimate Fire Move (not pictured)
  • Putting 3 points into all the elements will unlock all the combination moves for all of them, this will get you more versatility. Doing this will unlock a special move that will be free. But not as powerful as an Ultimate Pure Elemental move.
Putting 3 points into every element will get you the most elemental skills, and will unlock a special move for free (Not pictured on this mock up)
  • Other special arrangements like putting 7 points in one element and 7 points in a different element will give you an Ultra move. Also putting 5 points in 3 different elements will unlock a special move.
I know this is a lot to take in and it might be hard to understand without being able to play with it but this is the most we can offer right now.
With this system you can create a character as you see fit, do you want him to shoot fire balls and be able to heal with water? Go for it. Want to be a pure Shadow Master? Go for it. Want to be a pure physical machine? Go full physical fire and shadow. There are so many possibilities to what you can do! But we aren't done yet.

You might be thinking well what about classes? While the Elemental Tree system will let you go wild and create your own special class, there is also a Specialization Tree that you will get access to. The Specialization tree will allow you to pick more specific abilities both passive and active to your character. These will be more restrictive in that they require certain points to get them. When you put a point in the physical side of the Elemental Tree you will get a Physical Specialization Point that you can use in the Physical side of the Specialization Tree, same with magic. The specialization will help you define you character more with categories such as Defense, Stealth, Healing, Damage. Want to be a powerfull mage that can take hits like a tank? Well you can! Gone are the days of picking a class and being tied down to what you can do, we hope you will enjoy this system and help us fine tune it as we move forward.

Let's talk about our great artist, Kevin, for a little bit here. Kevin came to Dan and I requesting that he wanted to make his own blog that focuses on the art for Hero Tower Defense. While at the beginning we had our doubts on the whole idea, we finally decided to try it out and see how it goes. So click here to check out Kevin's blog, KXN @ HTD. On top of that we will be posting small summaries each week here about what's going on in his blog so that you don't miss a thing. So go check it out!

The last thing I wanted to talk about is how the programming is going for HTD. A lot of you keep asking when the game is coming out, and while the game is not close to being ready I will update you on where we are now. Each week I will provide an update.

I'm actually re-writing all the code for HTD using PTD as a reference. I have learned a lot from PTD and using all those lessons to make the code in HTD even better. HTD is also more detailed graphically so it requires more detailed code for attack effects. For example in PTD the pokemon will just tackle and hit the target in the middle of it. In HTD your character will move infront of the target and then swing it's swords. These differences make all the difference as far as presentation and code.

Work in Progress Picture, two characters attacking the dragon whelp.
Disclamer on the Picture above: We aren't going to have 10 units at once, only 5. I have 10 there as a previous test.

So that is what we have so far, the characters can be put on their spots and will attack an enemy that is going around the path. We are tweaking attack code and looking at how we can make the action easier to follow.

So which element will you choose?

That's what we have this week for Hero Tower Defense. As always let me know what you think!

Cheeky Gauls

I've managed to sneak in a few units of Gauls this month. 6 x 22 Gallic war band units and 13 chariots (and a few un-pictured command figures). This almost completes the Gallic contingent. I only have 18 cavalry and 32 skirmishers to do - giving an army of: 396 war band figures, 32 skirmishers, 13 chariots, 80 cavalry and a dozen or so figures on command stands; enough to do Telamon, I think [?].

The latest additions:

Once I get the Gauls out of the way, I'll start on the completion of the Spanish contingent.

Tsolias vs Zombies 3D - New Screenshots

Here are some new screenshots of the game Tsolias vs Zombies 3D.
Comments are welcome. :)

Pokemon Tower Defense: Weekly Progress for v4.3, Avatar Chat, Scams, Top 10 forum questions of the week!

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Hey guys, Sam here, v4.2 was released recently, here is a small summary of what is in it.

What's new in v4.2 

New Challenge Level - Celadon City Gym, can you win the shiny magnemite without the help of Celebi and not using your own pokemon?
Level Cap up to 50 - New moves are introduced into the game because of this level cap increase.
New Mystery Gift Pokemon -Magnemite and it's evolution Magneton!
17 new moves added to the game.
New Pokemon Evolutions (1) - Magneton.
New TMs
  • Iron Tail
  • Stone Edge
  • Added Aerial Ace to Scyther's TM List
  • Pikachu can now learn and relearn Thunder at level 50
  • Game Corner now takes 5 coins to play, you only get 50 turns, but you win x10 more coins on each prize (80, 150, 1000, 3000) - This change was made to alleviate the server from too many request. Since you only get 50 turns instead of 100.
Where can I play?
Top 10 Forum Questions of the Week:

I talked last week about our community forums merging and adding some new features. One of the features is that every week the forum moderators will gather 10 questions that they want to ask me or Dan and we answer them each week. So here are the questions and answers.

1) xplay10: In the most recent level, "Celadon City", Celebi has mentioned that Mewtwo's triumph will end and won't be coming back for the sequels to come, along with Joey. Do you plan on having Pokemon like Mewtwo in terms of strength become the main villains for the upcoming sequels? If so, will they be shown in PTD following the main storyline?

I haven't decided if I will make a sequel yet, but if I did I would definitely have a strong main villain in the game that compares to Mewtwo. If I do make a sequel it would be a different game so PTD will stop once it reaches it's last level. You won't see the next villain on PTD.

2) Muncho11/Budgetspaner: What is the chance of actually finding a legendary beast (Suicune, Raikou, Entei) in the wild? And will we be able to catch multiple legendaries (Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mewtwo), or will it be only one per profile?

I get asked this question about once per day lol. I'm not revealing the exact encounter rate of the Legendary Beast since it can lead to hacking. I'm still deciding on the second part of this question. But I would think that you can't get more than one of each of those per profile. (Unless you trade)

3) blastoise 889: What is your favorite Pokemon?

I have a soft spot for Bulbasaur, since he was my first pokemon. I also like Poliwag, which happens to be the first created pokemon.

4) Trainer Red: Where do you get your inspiration for PTD and what was your first acquaintance with Pokemon?

I've always liked Pokemon since I first saw it on a comic on the Nintendo Power Magazine. I bought the game before it became insanely popular in the States and I've really liked it since but I haven't liked how they have continued to make the same game over and over. I got inspired to make PTD when I noticed a bunch of other Pokemon Apps on the Android Marketplace. I figured I would make a Pokedex or a virtual pet simulator. As I was making the simulator I noticed that I might as well do something more enjoyable. So I saw that the highest grossing android game at the time was a tower defense. Immediately I thought about capturing your enemy and using them as towers.

5) almostpro: Do you plan on changing Pokemon adoption prices? (10 for a starter seems high because all other non-legendary are 5 at most. People would rather buy new game corner Pokemon than starters. I believe there should be a clearer distinction between Pokemon in terms of trade value and I believe dogs and Mews should be different in price as well.)

There is a possibility that the prices might change in the future, but it's not in my plans at this time.

6) gogogogo99: Will you ever let new PTD players get the past mystery gift avatars?

I'll find ways to re introduce the past avatars, without boring the people that already have them.

7) ZKS: Have you ever considered buying your own server? (As an accountant, I see how much my company spends on them. They don't have a massive start up cost, especially since our data is relatively small and upkeep is negligible)

I do have a host that I pay monthly for the server that hold the Pokemon Center, I think the game corner really slowed everything down, but now with the change on it I hope it will help the issue.

8) KimmyLube: Real world question - outside of PTD, what exactly is your real world job?

Outside of PTD, I'm a programmer, I work remotely from home. Hopefully soon I will be able to leave the job and focus completely on Sam and Dan Games.

9) Link: How do you think the cooperation with S&D Central will continue? Do you have any ideas for future cooperation plans?
I think think the cooperation between us and the Forums can only get better from now. I don't have anything specific but I'm sure we can work on some contest :)

10) PokeFan Gen. 1: Since the safari zone will be coming within the next month or so I was wondering will the level layout be similar to Rock Tunnel? With multiple rooms (zones) where you catch certain Pokemon? I feel like safari zone is such a key section it may take two weeks to actually put it together

Yeah the Safari Zone is a big deal, a lot of new pokemon will show up there. Right now I'm thinking of an idea for it that not everybody will get every pokemon but that each profile will get it's own pokemon out of a list. This is to encourage more trading. I also like the idea that your profile is unique from another. The layout itself might be similar to Rock Tunnel or it might be something new.

Well that was fun! Head to the forums if you want to submit your question and have them posted next week.

About Scams: 

I want to talk about something that I have been receiving some emails about. I've been receive a lot of emails about people being Scammed. I know that Scams are a terrible thing, but it's one of the things that I really can't stop since most scams aren't doing anything illegal. So here are some tips to protect yourself.
  • If the person wants more than 6 pokemon, avoid the trade unless you personally know this person is trustworthy.
  • Do all trades through the Trading Center's system. Use the request feature that way you know that what you are getting is what it's supposed to be.
  • If the pokemon's picture doesn't show up on the Trading Center then that pokemon is not what it seems to be, do not trade for this pokemon.
I hope that those simple tips can help somebody out there from being Scammed. I can't really help you with scams cause there is really no proof of it happening. For all I know you are trying to scam me!

Weekly Progress List: 

So let's talk about this next week coming up.

New Story Level  (100%)- Team Rocket's Secret Base
We managed to beat Erika and get our fourth badge! Now it's time to head to Team Rocket's Secret base and grab the supply of Silph Scopes, but there is somebody in the way!

Level Cap up to 52 (100%) - Getting closer and closer to Dragonite!
  • Extrasensory (100%) - Vulpix
  • Heat Wave (100%) - Growlithe
  • After You (100%) - Clefairy
  • Superpower (100%) - Pinsir

New Mystery Gift Pokemon (100%) - It doesn't bug me to add this new pokemon into the game.
  • Graphic (100%)
  • Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • Add Stats to Game (100%)
  • New Evolution (100%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Add Stats to Game (100%)

Avatar Chat (0%) - Use your avatar to enter a virtual room and chat with other trainers. This is the first step towards Multiplayer.

Potion Upgrade (100%) - Receive the upgrade when you beat the new story level!
Adding Steamroller to Golem (100%) 
Adding leveling up will restore your pokemon's health (100%) 
Added Arrow key/WASD controls to move the level maps (100%) 

  • Hyper Beam (100%)

Bug Fixes
  • Added Swagger to Hypno and Drowzee at level 45 (100%)- Thanks Tyd from the blog comment!
  • Geodude now properly learns Stone Edge at level 50 (100%)  
  • Make Tri attack faster so it shows all the components and lower the amount of particles in the attack so it will hit faster (100%)
  • Using the attack Double Hit, freeze the game (100%)
Distribution (0%)

That's all I have for now as always, let me know what you think!

Tsolias vs Zombies 3D - Coming Soon to the iPhone App Store!

For several months I've been working on a new game for the iPhone with 3D graphics and plenty of humor.
Title of the game: 'Tsolias vs Zombies 3D'.

I have worked myself in all the areas of the game (programming, graphics, design, sound) and I would like you to take a look at the trailer and leave a comment about the game.

Here you can see the first Trailer of the game:

On a farm somewhere in Greece lives a tsolias with his sheeps. Mr. George.
Near the area there is a very dangerous nuclear power plant.
One day an accidental explosion at the nuclear plant was the cause for a big disaster.
Toxic gases from the plant polluted the air and water in the region and the whole town was infected.
The virus has turned people into zombies!
One day Mr. George was very tired and fell asleep. But his sheeps was outside on the meadow.
Zombies are coming and they look hungry.
They have seen the sheeps... But now it's too late for the poor animals.
Mr. George woke up from the noises and saw the disaster.
Now it's up to him to take revenge for the loss of his sheeps!

The game will be available on the App Store in early October.
Please leave a comment with your opinions about the game.

So where's the next Ninja-Ja: update?

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For those of you who have been asking about when the next Ninja-Ja update will be out here's a quick explanation.

When I started on this update I had a few new features in mind that I wanted to add that would open the game up to more than just survival and top scores. As I was developing these features I realized some current things needed to be changed to accommodate the new stuff. What ended up happening was I noticed that some of the core code needed to be revamped a bit as it wasn't originally designed with these new features in mind. Also since I'm still a beginner at programming as I get better I notice some mistakes that I've made earlier that are hindering progress so I have to go back and fix them. This all adds up to a lot of work that needs to done before I continue with adding things but is good because once I have it in place then future updates should come faster.

So while I don't have an ETA for the next update it will have a bunch of new stuff like Story Mode which has an intro and boss fight, attacking as well as defending, actual enemies you can hit with ranged weapons, and different ranged weapon mechanics since they are primarily used for attacking now.

Anywho that's all for now, just wanted to keep you guys in the loop. Sorry for the delay! I know some of you are eager to try it out but bare with me while I get this set up properly and learn some more about programming so I can do things faster. As always any suggestions, comments, and general feedback is appreciated, thanks!


A question of scale “True-32”

Indulge me in a slight rant.

Please be aware the new plastic line is 31 mm to the eye of a FULLY ERECT figure, posed, they range from 28-29.75mm to the center of the eye. As the bases are thinner than most, the figures are roughly the same height as most of the major manufacturers.

-Example of scale comp-

The subject of scale is one that many sculptors wrestle with, I am no acceptation. The use of digital technology to sculpt a miniature provides a certain amount of freedom, the miniature looks the same to me at 15mm or 50mm scale, I can make last minute adjustments on the fly and scale the miniature to my heart’s content.
Ultimately, gamers want miniatures that look right with their other minis from manufacturer A, B or C. This is not as easy as it sounds. Place a true scale 28mm mini next to many manufacturers product and it will look small and emaciated by comparison. The whole 28mm scale convention is garbage if you ask me. Scale creep has made it useless and “heroic” scale doubly so.
I like my miniatures to be fairly well proportioned, at least looking like they could actually be humans in armor. With this in mind, I settled on 32mm scale (A man standing upright is 32mm to the eyes). I jokingly called my miniature 3B scale, “3 Bears Scale”, not too large, not too small… just right :) A nod to Goldilockss and the three bears

I call them True-32. This may be a slight misnomer, as some proportions such as shoulder width have been slightly bumped but the vast majority of the figure is a reasonable approximation of true human proportions.
 WHAT?  32mm scale? But that’s too large to work with my other minis!”

 Yes and no… They are very slightly taller 33.5 total height from foot to top of head, but the proportions work well with most miniature lines and when they are in a pose that is not completely erect; they scale very well by comparison.
Here is one example of a 32mm Strumtruppen next to a “heroic” scale. You can see the arm and leg length look comparable and the body mass works well. Will this be true when compared to true 28mm scale figs? Sadly no… they will be too tall and slightly too thick by comparison.  If I was making miniatures for the historic gamer, I would take a VERY different approach. As many of the Sci-fi games have opted for 32mm true scale or “28 heroic scale, I.e. 32mm with 34mm heads, hands and feet”  I needed to make my decision based on what the customers overwhelmingly demand.  I choose 32mm true scale. It satisfies my need for some sense of proportion while allowing the miniature to be used alongside the vast majority of Sci-fi and Weird Wars games.

New plasic minis!

One moment please…. We are experiencing technical difficulty….

As a Dakkite pointed out, I had the legs on the cannon backwards. I was thinking about the old wheeled gun carriage when I put the single leg to the rear. These are aimed turned by turning the complete carriage.

As this is a pintle mount it would have fallen over when shot with this configuration  :- P It’s always good to have another set of eyes on these things…
Here you can see the revised model and gunner position.

Hero Tower Defense Tuesday: Day 6!

Want to get the legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Purchase some SnD coins and get Ninja-ja bonus items free! Click here for more info.

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Tuesday!

Sketch of logo

Go here to read the Day 5 of Hero Tower Defense Tuesdays.

Dan is hard at work on the next Ninja-ja update, so I'm taking over this post bringing you more news and art for our next game Hero Tower Defense. If you haven't done so already make sure to read past blog post of HTD Tuesdays by clicking the link above this paragraph. I'll wait here until you do..... Okay! You ready now?

This week we are going to talk about the first game that Dan and I had planned but never released. Many years ago Dan and I would meet up once a week to work on our game. It was to be an action rpg, one of the main draws of the game was going to be its unique talent system. Sadly we never got around to making that game but we always wanted to use the talent system, so we are going to tweak it and add it to HTD.

The game world will revolve around 5 different elements. Every character will be linked to one of these elements. The elements will be Fire, Water, Nature (this name could change), Shadow and Light. Each of these elements will have an advantage against two other elements and have a weakness to the other two.

There are 3 categories for abilities (moves you will use in the game).
  • Offensive - These will be moves that mainly cause damage.
  • Defensive - These moves will prevent you from taking heavy damage also healing moves fall in this category.
  • Utility - Moves that will slow down the enemy, or trap them etc.
Element: Fire - Pure destructive energy, also provides light.
  • Main Category - Offensive
  • Second Category - Defensive
  • Advantage against: Shadow and Nature - Fire creates a light that shadow cannot beat, fire can also burn plants and nature very easily.
  • Weakness against: Light and Water - Fire creates light so Light element grows in the presence of fire thus overpowering it. Water can put out fire.
Element: Water - Healing powers and versatility. Water can take many shapes.
  • Main Category - Defensive
  • Second Category - Utility
  • Advantage against: Fire and Light - Water can put out fires. Light going through water gets distorted and weakened.
  • Weakness against: Shadow and Nature - Water helps nature grow more powerful. Shadow and corruption can easily get into water and corrupt it.
Element: Nature - Wild energy, can take many shapes, and fulfill many roles.
  • Main Category - Utility
  • Second Category - Defensive
  • Advantage against: Water and Light - Water and light both feed Nature it's nutrients and allow it to grow stronger.
  • Weakness against: Fire and Shadow - Fire destroys nature, and shadow can easily corrupt and prevent the growth of nature.
Element: Light - Pure energy, provides healing and power.
  • Main Category - Defensive
  • Second Category - Offensive
  • Advantage against: Fire and Shadow - Fire creates light so Light element grows in the presence of fire thus overpowering it. Shadow cannot exist in light.
  • Weakness against: Nature and Water - Nature uses light to grow. Light gets distorted when it goes against water.
Element: Shadow - Evil energy full of trickery and corruption.
  • Main Category - Offensive
  • Second Category - Utility
  • Advantage against: Nature and Water - Shadow prevents nature from growing and can easily corrupt both nature and water.
  • Weakness against: Fire and Light - Both fire and light create light and thus remove shadow.
Linking into an element will give you a passive chance to give your target a passive debuff having to do with your element. It also gives you resistance and weakness to other elements. For example if you link to fire all your abilities have the chance to trigger a fire debuff on your target that will burn him for a period of time but will increase his damage done slightly. Also you will take 5% less damage from shadow and nature attacks but take 5% more damage from light and water attacks.

I will continue talking about elements, talents and abilities next week. Now I leave you with some art that Kevin worked on this week.

You will encounter this monster on the first level of the game.

Fleshing out the unit choices

Now that the basic troopers are completed, I will turn to fleshing out the other troop choices.

The basic unit org. will have:
·         Riflemen (done)
·         Support weapons (SAW) (done)
·         Grenadier (done)
·         Weapons specialist (Sniper) (done)
·         Medic
·         Communications
·         Forward observer
·         Command (officers)

Here we have a heavy support AT weapon (PAC38 Short) with a coaxial MG53

Here you can see the mods for Support (SAW) and Grenadier.

Pokemon Tower Defense: Weekly Progress for v4.2, Community Merging, how things are going, future talks

Want to get the legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Purchase some SnD coins and get Ninja-ja bonus items free! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar! 

Hey everybody! Sam here bringing you the goods for this week. Last week I started the update half way during the week so I didn't get to complete the level 50 cap. That will be a priority this week.
Also this week something that is not going to happen that often will happen. The return of a pokemon for the Weekly code. There won't be a new code this week but for v4.2 there will be one. Like I mentioned before I'm bringing the Challenge Mode Celadon Gym level and the prize will be a shiny pokemon. So you get the regular version from the Weekly Code and you get the Shiny from the Challenge Mode. I will leave the pokemon to be a shocking surprise.

Other than that there will be some changes with the casino, I will be reducing the amount of tries per day, increasing how much each play cost but also increasing how you get per day. This will help reduce the server load that many of us have been experiencing.

Another thing is many of you have requested that the potion behave like the pokeball in that it scrolls the screen when you are close to the borders, so I will be adding that on this update also.

Progress List for v4.2:
Level cap increased to 48 (100%)
  • Leaf Blade (100%) - Victreebell
  • Future Sight (100%) - Kadabra/Alakazam
  • Retaliate (100%) - Growlithe
Level cap increased to 49 (100%)
  • Gunk Shot (100%) - Ekans
  • Iron Tail (100%) - Onix
  • Close Combat (100%) - Mankey
  • Hyper Voice (100%) - Jigglypuff
  • Healing Wish (100%) - Clefairy
  • Double Hit (100%) - Scyther
Level cap increased to 50 (100%)
  • Mirror Coat (100%) - Voltorb
  • Last Resort (100%) - Eevee/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon
  • Ancient Power (100%) - Mew
  • Stone Edge (100%) - Geodude
  • Sludge Wave (100%) - Tentacool
New Pokemon for Mystery Code and Challenge Mode (100%) - Magnemite
  • Graphics (100%)
  • Shiny Graphics (100%)
  • Add this pokemon's stats to the game (100%)
  • New Moves for this pokemon (3) (100%)
    • Metal Sound (100%)
    • Magnet Bomb (100%)
    • Mirror Shot (100%)
  • New Evolution (100%)
    • Graphics (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Add this pokemon's stats into the game (100%)
Add Magnemite as a prize for mystery code and challenge mode (100%)
Challenge Mode Level - Celadon Gym (100%)
  • Level Intro (100%)
  • Level Layout (100%)
  • Level Waves (100%)
  • Level Ending (100%)
Game Corner Changes (100%)
Potion Changes (100%)
New TMs (100%)
  • Iron Tail
  • Stone Edge
Bug Fixes (100%)
  • Scyther can now learn Aerial Ace TM (100%) - Thanks to you guys for helping me find this.
Distribution (100%)

The community is a big part of what gives games the extra spark needed to keep them alive even after they have been around for a while. It's been 5 months since Pokemon Tower Defense was released and our community is as big as ever. But a divided community does more harm than good. Having two different forums, adding more chats, all it does is thin out the community. Thankfully the two most popular PTD Forums are going to combine and create one central Sam & Dan Games Forum. The merger is still in progress, once everything is ready to go I will post the link.

My passion is to create games but a huge amount of my time goes into the community. Listening to suggestions, answering emails, taking care of account issues. Dan answers any orders that come in for SnD coins. He answers comments for Hero Tower Defense. We are as open as we possibly can be and the merger of the forum will open new ways for us to connect with you guys. We will have a weekly questions section. You submit your questions on the forums and every week Dan or I will answer the questions and post them on the blog. Another feature that will come to the forums will be that you will be able to suggestions a new feature for the game and every other week the best one will be chosen and I will implement it for the update. Unless it's something that will make the game worse. I can't wait to see this feature play out.

I enjoy working on PTD and HTD, I like the fast schedules, the instant feedback. With every update the game get's closer and closer to completion, the more moves are created the easier it is to increase the level cap and the easier it is to add new pokemon. I always like to think of the next step.

Multiplayer is always a topic that gets brought up every single day. I don't have a lot of experience making a fully working multiplayer system. So in the near future I will be taking the first steps toward the multiplayer with an Avatar Chat. You will be able to use your avatar and move him around while chatting with other players. This will help to get my feet wet and start working ironing out any bugs that might come up.

I constantly ask myself, what will I work on next? Will I make a PTD sequel? If I make a poll the answer will be YES! MAKE A SEQUEL! I don't even doubt that result. I know the demand is there. I haven't fully decided if I will make it or not. After PTD, Hero Tower Defense will be getting the most attention like PTD gets now. But I like working on multiple project so when HTD goes into high gear I will be working behind the scenes on the next big game.

I do however spend some time here and there thinking about what a sequel to PTD would be like. While making a Johto Sequel to PTD is a no brainer, I always like to push myself so what if the sequel wasn't a tower defense game?

I leave you with that, as always let me know what you think, try to keep any account issues away from the blog comments just email me directly. Thanks for the great support that all of you continue to give us to this day.

Flight stand construction for 15mm aircraft

Following a question from Bill in comments.........

Before I start, ignore the drilled hole in the first few pictures. I have used a similar method for 1:144 aircraft, but I wanted to check that the base was heavy enough for 1:100 diecasts. I'm still grinning..........

 Materials: Jam jar lid (60mm diameter), plastic(ish) pole, a crocodile clip and some lead (ignore the hole).

Melt the lead and pour it into the lid on a level surface (a thank you to Giles, who laid my stone floor) up to just below the rim (ignore the hole).

Whilst you have the gas on, holding the crocodile clip with a pair of pliers, heat up the base end of the crocodile clip until it changes colour. It does not have to be red, just changing colour, you want to melt it into the plastic not burn the plastic. Then push the clip gently but firmly into the plastic pole. This 'plastic' pole is actually a venetian blind opening thingy that I laid aside when the blind was replaced - it's always a good idea to keep such things. 

Now drill the hole for the 'plastic' pole (the hole!).
Normally, I would have spray painted the base, for a finish, and stuck it all together before showing the final assembly, but as this is a bit of home grown precision engineering, I'll show you the construction before I disassemble it for painting (remember that hole?).

Diecast Hurricane repainted for the Desert

This time it's a Hurricane MkIId. Although I've kept the original lettering (easier to do that way), I've painted it as 6th Squadron - only the pedants will object to such heresy and they can call for pitchforks and torches at their leisure. For their information, it also made its appearance a year later than I'm gaming!!!

The model is a Postage Stamp plane by Model Power. It is 1:100 scale. Obviously, the colours were wrong for the desert so this is a total repaint rather than a revamp. Note: I filed away the 'sticky out bits' on the engine cowling as they do not feature on the ones I have pictures of. 

Trebbia report

The battle started with Roman velites advancing on the African skirmish line where a brief but bloody contest took place along the whole infantry front. The honours were just about even. Then, the Carthaginian cavalry charged. On the Roman left the allied cavalry just about held their own, but the Roman cavalry on the right were bowled over and chaos ensued.

Here are some shots of last night's action.




To be continued........... 

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