Crimelife 3 version 0.3 is now ready for download!

Finally the third version of the game is now up. With lots of changes.
Check out the official site HERE for more details or go directly to the Download page.

Ideas from Wii Development Day

When our network met near the beginning of the project, we looked at a large range of Wii games and did mind maps of all the possibilities that they had. Above is a gallery of all of these ideas. Free free to use these ideas, email us any good ideas you have and we'll add them. - Click to download them.

NEWS - Scottish education secretary backs 'brain training'

"There is disagreement about the benefits of the games
Education Secretary Michael Russell has said computer games can play a key role in encouraging children's learning."

- Click the link below for more

New Link

I added a new link, I was sadly remiss in not adding it earlier; the Yahoo group Sci-Fi Concepts And Designs. Hosted by the talented JBR; John Bear Ross

Description: This group is a forum for discussion, feedback, and showing off futuristic designs and prototypes made by professional and amateur artists, digital and otherwise. "Hands-on" Artists, 3D Artists, and vendors of prototyping services, CAD/CAM/CNC, and other aspects of production are welcome to post.

Also invited are those of you out there who are interested in turning visions of the future not just into pretty pictures, but models you can hold in your hot little hands.

This is where I and many talented digital artists and sculptors discuss sci-fi and computer aided design for the gaming industry.

Drop in and say hello.

Some work for MERCS

John Bear Ross was stacked with work and very graciously referred his client to me to have some work done.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Tom, Keith and Brian over at MERCS They make stellar miniatures for you 28mm sci-fi fans.
The art they supplied made my job a breeze, as I could see from the highlighting what the curve and angle of each component was meant to be in the design process.

K-12 On-Line Conference 2009: Computer Games in the Classroom

Click here for an interesting look at How Guitar Hero was used as a Primary to Secondary Transition project in schools in Scotland.

Interesting stuff.

Wii and PE Part 3 - Power Up to Year 6

This week I continued the work that had started in Year 3 by attempting to use the Wii in PE this week with my year 6 class. Our normal hall PE slot was unable to happen due to end of year Christmas concerts, so I planned ahead.

The session plan was simple to split the class into 4 teams, each team would have a current Wii player and the rest working on a multi skills activity. I gave each team a piece of equipment and told them to use it while the other player was up at the console. So we had bean bags, tennis balls, net balls etc.. Children in their teams choose what they did with teh equipment. You can see this in the video below.

I wanted to make sure that all the children where being active in someway.

Check out the video to see what happened.

Did it go well?

The children enjoyed themselves and for the most part the children where being active. The children's comments where that they wanted to do more activities on the wii other than running, they wanted more space and score the teams as they are working.

Space was an issue when this was done in year 3, my classroom is bigger, but not as big as others in the school. The suggestion of the hall is an idea, but if you have the hall, should be using the Wii?

My only issue was that some children would stop their multi skills work and watch the race over doing their activity. It was understandable since they wanted to cheer on their team member, in the video you can see this happening now and again, but you can also see children still working. With more exposure i think more children will remain on task more.

What I really enjoyed was a member of my class winning a race over other children in the class, she'd never played the game before and came first, you can see how pleased she is in the video.

Would I do this again? YES. What this space - Wii Fit next?

MayesPark Primary- Recent use of Mario Kart ( Wii) and DS in class.

During the recent Eid celebrations, we had a day where maths sets in year 6 were not practical. To keep the day engaging and enjoyable for those who did attend, we held two maths sessions using Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii. We were again focusing on creating data to calculate averages e.g. mean, mode and median. During the first session we had children in a two player challenge creating data by recording their placement scores at the end of the race. This was repeated several times to create the data for all children to calculate the averages. Whilst all children enjoyed watching the races, I did not feel that all were as engaged as they could be even though it was quite a small group.

The second session was much more succesful. I had children in teams of three lined up. As soon as the passed over the finish line at the end of thier lap, they passed the controller onto the child behind and went to record their end of lap position on the board. This moved much quicker as all children were only doing one lap each and created much more data. Whilst the children playing were watching thier team mates, I had the DS's out on the tables for the others. They were using Brain Training and used the daily training tasks. This way all were engaged at all times. The quick change overs keep the interest levels much higher and generated more data which enhanced the calculations required for the averages at the end of the session.

This session was summed up by one of my children who parting comment was " Can we do this again soon? I normally don't like maths Miss, but today was fun and I learnt loads. I know I can do averages now."

On a slightly different note I thought I might add my children's thoughts about our recent purchase of 6 Nintendo DSs. They are being used daily during maths using Brain Training but we have also recently started using them during Guided Reading sessions ( just in my class). I have purchased My Word Coach and Spellbound. I have a very large percentage of EAL leaners in my class and finding ways to develop thier vocabulary and spelling has always been a challenge. A different group of 6 children use the DS every day and the response has been very positive. The children so far seem to enjoy My Word Coach more as it gives them the opportunity to learn (and understand) a wider range of vocab ( a current class literacy target) and it also is quite quick to adapt to thier level of need. We have only had these titles for a short time and I look foward to blogging more about thier use and impact.

Year 6 Mayespark Primary

Modeler needed for help on Crimelife 3

Because this project is really huge there are a few things that I will need some help. I need a graphics artist that will help me with the 3d models of the vehicles in game.
The next version of the game will have some new cars modeled by me. However I need someone from the gmc forums that can make more low poly cars for the game.

For more details check out the post in my CL3 site HERE.

Cleveland Junior at the Olympic Games

This our first post on here but definitely not the last.

We have being using the Wii and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics in a similar way to Nic Hughes at Nightingales. The children have used it as a contextual hub for learning for unit 6C1 in maths. They used the game to get real raw data as opposed to the usual boring 'counting the number of cars that go down the street' scenario, which has no real context.
They then input this data into Excel. Using this data the children worked out the mean, mode, median and range. Then by using the mean running time for each character they made a bar chart, which went up in decimals.

It was a really good couple of lessons as many areas of maths were covered such as data handing, decimal numbers, rounding and labelling graphs.

In year 5 the same game was used for spreadsheets and databases. I am sure you will agree this is a step on from 'organising a party on a budget' or a 'planets database'.

The children really enjoyed the lessons and got a lot out of it, as it gave them real world contexts... that and they had a chance to play the Wii in a meaningful and fun way!

The children put the raw data into an Excel spreadsheet and worked out the mean using a calculator

Using the Mean from the characters' run time, children made a detailed bar graph, in decimals.

Anjum and Simon
Cleveland Junior

Punic Wars - The final inventory

The project, except for 6 units of Numidian cavalry, has now been delivered. I have sorted every thing out into the proper sized bags and done an inventory. I've already painted 20 units (all Romans - pictures to follow) and will soon (new year) be painting some enemy for them to fight. If I can keep the pace I will finish the project with 4 months to spare. Given that the Romans are probably the most complex figures overall I feel quite confident.
So what does the project, things having been finalised at last, look like? Well here is the inventory:
Romans and Allies:
Velites: 10 units of 12.
Hastati: 8 units of 24.
Principes: 8 units of 24.
Triarii: 8 units of 12.
Cavalry: 8 units of 8.
Command: 7 command stands.
Total units: 42.
Total figures: 640 plus command.
Warband: 15 units of 24.
Skirmishers: 8 units of 12.
Cavalry: 8 units of 8.
Command: 5 command stands.
Total units: 31.
Total figures: 520 plus command.
Scutarii: 15 units of 24.
Catrati: 6 units of 12.
Cavalry: 6 units of 8.
Command: 4 command stands.
Total units: 27.
Total figures: 480 plus command..
Libyan phalanx: 8 units of 24.
Skirmishers: 9 units of 12 (includes Balearic slingers).
Numidian cavalry: 9 units of 8.
Carthaginian cavalry: 1 unit of 8.
Elephants: 8 stands (each comprises 1 elephant, crew and integral skirmishers - those with towers (x4) have 6 men, those without (x4) have 4 men, plus the elephant, on each stand).
Command: 4 command stands.
Total units: 31.
Total figures: 428 plus commands.
Total units: 126.
Total Figures: 2116 plus command.
Now, that's a lot of 28mm painting to do before November 2011!
Hopefully, I will be able to re-fight Trebia, at half the size it will eventually be (half the Romans having been painted), by the end of April. This is my next project target.

Wii and PE Part 2

This week I spoke again to Ben Hawkins about his recent work with the Nintendo Wii with PE and Literacy at Nightingale Primary School.

Below is a video explaining what he did.

Click here for previous post.

Leviathan Crusader and Mortis update

I'm currently working on a project with a NDA so I cannot discuss it until he does a reveal... To fill the lack of posts I thought I would put up some updated pics of my Leviathan Crusader and Leviathan Mortis. You can see the upper leg and engine details that were not rendered in the last pics I posted.

When I get the chance I will model some extra armor for the Crusader as this mech will be heavily armored and slower than its brother Mortis. The weapon load out for each is different but these pics only have the Crusaders weapons as I need to get right back to my clients project.

Infinite War Review by GMVision

I just saw this:

What a great review. Too bad my name is not spelled correctly. But a big thanks to the GMVision Team. :)

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