Wii and PE Part 3 - Power Up to Year 6

This week I continued the work that had started in Year 3 by attempting to use the Wii in PE this week with my year 6 class. Our normal hall PE slot was unable to happen due to end of year Christmas concerts, so I planned ahead.

The session plan was simple to split the class into 4 teams, each team would have a current Wii player and the rest working on a multi skills activity. I gave each team a piece of equipment and told them to use it while the other player was up at the console. So we had bean bags, tennis balls, net balls etc.. Children in their teams choose what they did with teh equipment. You can see this in the video below.

I wanted to make sure that all the children where being active in someway.

Check out the video to see what happened.

Did it go well?

The children enjoyed themselves and for the most part the children where being active. The children's comments where that they wanted to do more activities on the wii other than running, they wanted more space and score the teams as they are working.

Space was an issue when this was done in year 3, my classroom is bigger, but not as big as others in the school. The suggestion of the hall is an idea, but if you have the hall, should be using the Wii?

My only issue was that some children would stop their multi skills work and watch the race over doing their activity. It was understandable since they wanted to cheer on their team member, in the video you can see this happening now and again, but you can also see children still working. With more exposure i think more children will remain on task more.

What I really enjoyed was a member of my class winning a race over other children in the class, she'd never played the game before and came first, you can see how pleased she is in the video.

Would I do this again? YES. What this space - Wii Fit next?

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