Punic Wars - The final inventory

The project, except for 6 units of Numidian cavalry, has now been delivered. I have sorted every thing out into the proper sized bags and done an inventory. I've already painted 20 units (all Romans - pictures to follow) and will soon (new year) be painting some enemy for them to fight. If I can keep the pace I will finish the project with 4 months to spare. Given that the Romans are probably the most complex figures overall I feel quite confident.
So what does the project, things having been finalised at last, look like? Well here is the inventory:
Romans and Allies:
Velites: 10 units of 12.
Hastati: 8 units of 24.
Principes: 8 units of 24.
Triarii: 8 units of 12.
Cavalry: 8 units of 8.
Command: 7 command stands.
Total units: 42.
Total figures: 640 plus command.
Warband: 15 units of 24.
Skirmishers: 8 units of 12.
Cavalry: 8 units of 8.
Command: 5 command stands.
Total units: 31.
Total figures: 520 plus command.
Scutarii: 15 units of 24.
Catrati: 6 units of 12.
Cavalry: 6 units of 8.
Command: 4 command stands.
Total units: 27.
Total figures: 480 plus command..
Libyan phalanx: 8 units of 24.
Skirmishers: 9 units of 12 (includes Balearic slingers).
Numidian cavalry: 9 units of 8.
Carthaginian cavalry: 1 unit of 8.
Elephants: 8 stands (each comprises 1 elephant, crew and integral skirmishers - those with towers (x4) have 6 men, those without (x4) have 4 men, plus the elephant, on each stand).
Command: 4 command stands.
Total units: 31.
Total figures: 428 plus commands.
Total units: 126.
Total Figures: 2116 plus command.
Now, that's a lot of 28mm painting to do before November 2011!
Hopefully, I will be able to re-fight Trebia, at half the size it will eventually be (half the Romans having been painted), by the end of April. This is my next project target.

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