It’s about damn time!

Many of you have seen unpainted or primered shots of the Stormtroopers. Since the release there have been many talented painter working their craft. These are the first set painted for DreamForge-Games.

Most miniature companies will not release a product until it has gone off to the painter and they have some nice shots for advertising…. Oh sure, I could do that... but Kickstarters have a way of turning the ‘proper way of doing things’ on their heads. That’s a bit of an excuse really, if you follow my blog you know I never paint things up :)

Here are a few shots from a very talented painter that is working on some marketing paint jobs for me.


What about stage 2 you ask?

I was hoping we would make some of our lost time up from stage 1 but it appears we will not…. I have seen the Mortis in its component parts but I am waiting on shots of an assembled Mortis from China. The 15mm Crusader is basically completed, I just need to rework the instructions and complete the box art. The other weapon arms are moving right along and I have been told they will be ready soon.

As I get shots of the plastic for stage 2 I will post an update and pics here as well.


Back to work….

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