Fresh off the press - WW2 stuff

Here are the trucks for the battalion of British infantry I painted a week or two ago, plus the battalion command stand.

The battalion command stand. A K2 ambulance with a medical officer asking for directions.

I could have done this piece as a 'non-useful' diorama piece. But, having thought about it, I decided to use it as a command stand. Doing it this way means that my ambulance will actually drive about a bit and get used - it also saves on cost.

 Another battalion of British infantry.

Plus transport and command stand.

I have also revisited my desert basing. Initially, I wanted bases to show that the desert of WW2 was not the 'sand sea' of Beau Geste. However, in doing so, I think I lost the sameness of 'dun colour', so often referred to in first hand accounts, with too much green. The desert was all the same colour with different textures.

So I've gone back over the lot, staining out the green with brown ink and dry brushing with the 'base colour'.

Now my desert bases look like this. I'm much happier with them now.

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