2nd Punic War Campaign: The End Game.

This was the campaign position after Hannibal's great victory. There now followed a long run of map play.

Rome - Card 3 - Used to assert political control of three areas.
Carthage - Card 2 - Used to assert political control of three areas.
Rome - Card 64 - Used to assert political control of two areas.

End of turn. New consuls were elected. Nero to Sicily. Paulus to Rome.

Rome: Card 39. Nero moved by sea to Praeneste via Rome and picking up troops en-route. Scipio moved to Segobriga.

Carthage: Card 19. Marcellus was dismissed by the Senate.

Rome: Card 12. Political control asserted over 2 areas.

Carthage: Card 58. Cato councils Rome not to send any troops to Africa.

Rome: Card 4. With the arrival of Scipio in the region, Celtiberia revolts!

Carthage: Card 46. Political control asserted over three areas in Celtiberia.

Rome: Card 56 . Political control asserted over two areas in Celtiberia.

Carthage: Card 22. Regional political control wrested from Rome in Sicily.

Rome: Card 43. Slave legions raised in Rome - 4 CU!!!

Carthage: Card 20. Hannibal to Bruttium.

Rome: Card 41. Scipio to Toletum.

Carthage: Card 47. Mago by sea via Croton to reinforce Hannibal with 5 CU from Africa.

Rome: Card 5. Scipio wrests regional control of Celtiberia.

Carthage Card17. Hannibal moves to Paeneste, trying to bring another Nero to battle but Nero is able to avoid battle by withdrawing to Rome.

Rome: 15. Scipio moves to Hispilis and brings Hasdrubal willingly to battle. Hasdrubal plays card 6 as a battle card to improve his army characterisation hand.

The 2nd Battle of the Hispilis

Scipio brought 12 CU to the battle whilst Hasdrubal brought 15 CU, which might not be the largest CU battle, but it must come close.  We have fought some quite sizable engagements in this campaign but we have always kept something under the counter, but as the campaign is nearing the end game, Peter and I decided to make it the largest figure battle yet. We got out all of the Romans and scaled from there. After working out the unit integrity count we dealt characterisation cards (Rome on the left):


Then we deployed. Here are some shots of the armies massed on the plain ready to do battle next week.

Now that looks like a cast of thousands - but I think it is actually less than 1500. 

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