Nominated for best vehicle of 2011

I am pleased to announce that the Leviathan Mortis and Leviathan Crusader have both been nominated for best vehicle of the year by Table Top Gaming News!

Voting for the best game, miniature, vehicle and others is still on going and ends Friday the 20th.
The winner is chosen by you! If you feel the Crusader and Mortis are some of the best game vehicles for 2011, please head on over and cast your vote. Your help is truly appreciated.

UPDATE :) this is a msg from TGN.
Hey guys,
For those of you that went and checked out the polls for voting last night saw that there were nominations missing. I am working to fix that problem and make sure that all of the nominations are available for voting. Then the voting process will resume next Monday!
Thank you for all the entries for the Reader’s Choice awards, and for your patience.

All the best!

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