Tablet Project at Christchurch Primary School - Week 5 (4V)

Teacher assessment of Tablets

The tablets were used by pupils in year 4 for investigating the different religions. Children were asked to navigate to a website to find information and then to copy information into a text document. At the same time as the tablets were being used by 6 children the other children in the class were sharing the use of a laptop.

Many of the children were familiar with the idea of using a tablet due to parents, family members having iphones, ipads or similar touch screen devices. Children found typing using the keyboard difficult compared to using a desktop or a laptop, the children also found the lack of mouse hard as this is what they have been used to using for the last 4 years in school and at home.

During the trial I also used the tablets with children with SEN( special educational needs), I asked the children to navigate to a website and begin playing word and spelling games. The children enjoyed the touch screen features as some children with SEN can find small motor skills difficult. Using the touch screen was quicker and easier for the children with SEN. The members of staff who work with the children with SEN thought that they could be very useful as they are more portable and easier to pick up than laptops,
The children with SEN also used some of the apps on the tablets, such as maths and spelling activities, again the children found the touch screen easier to use than a mouse.
I feel that tablets would most benefit children with SEN, as apps specifically created would enable children to learn in a fun and engaging way. However for children above year 4 I feel that a laptop or desktop is better suited as the children can navigate information and create word documents and PowerPoint’s easier with the use of a mouse.

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