Acer Tables at CPS week 4

Tablet Questionnaire Class: 4J
Did you enjoy using the tablet? Explain your answer.
Yes we did. Chn were engaged, loved the idea of dealing with latest technology. Easy to use and small enough to be used at the tables without taking over the whole surface area. Access to internet was good and quick. Ability to enlarge the screen was very useful.

How easy was it to use?
Very easy! The chn were shown a brief demonstration and quickly became confident on how to use the tablets.
What was the most awkward/difficult thing to use on the tablet?
What did you enjoy most of all when using the tablet?
The ease and compact size. Also used the Maths and English games for SEN children they were really engaged and interested in the activities (simply because it was on the tablet).

What are the features on the tablet that you would tell a friend about?
The maths and English games!

If you were a computer designer what would you change about the tablet and why?
Would like to be able to access Microsoft office. Would be great if we could get chn to access school network too (don’t know if they already can)

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