I've set up the following battle, which I'm calling Telyermum, to be fought next Wednesday night. I thought is was time to fight a battle without a Carthaginian element, and so I came up with this.

The dispositions are loosely based on the battle of Telamon 225BC. It was at this battle that an army sized Gallic raiding force of 50 - 70,000 men was attacked, as it retreated back to Transalpine Gaul with its loot, by more than 100,000 Romans and allies attacking from two directions.

The most interesting fact about the battle is recreated in my scenario - the Gallic army is facing in two directions and fighting back to back against the Roman pincer movement. I have chosen to fight slightly more evenly matched forces and given the Gallic army better defencive terrain.

All figures are Renegade. The Gallic army is 12 chariots, 80 cavalry, 396 war band infantry plus command stands. The Roman army is 64 cavalry, 576 infantry plus command stands.

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