Playing about with basing

In an attempt to vary my fare I've begun to seriously think about how to rebase my Italian Wars collection. Here are some figures newly mounted on MDF bases. The bases have not been finished because I'm still not entirely sure; I have not decided how to base most of the infantry armed with missile weapons. 

All stands have a frontage of 45mm. Infantry stands are square. Close order cavalry stands are 60mm deep. Skirmish order cavalry stands are 90mm deep - you'll be surprised by the result I think.

A brigade of Spanish coronelas.
This one is eight stands strong. Four arquebus stands backed by two pike and two sword and buckler stands - in this case a total of 35 figures (the sword and buckler casualty takes up double the room of a live one!). This represents 1800 men (3 - 4 coronelas). 

Landsknecht pike square
16 stands of Landsknect pike for a total of 96 pikemen. This represents about 5000 men.

This is a typical four stand unit of cavalry representing about 400 heavy cavalry.

A typical four stand unit of light cavalry representing 400 men. The unit has the same frontage as a heavy cavalry unit with the same numbers. This is because I believe light cavalry formed up in a 'cloud' rather than a regimented skirmish line; if they came to grips they would 'bunch'.

The photo below shows a heavy and light cavalry unit in combat. I think this works.


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