Becontree iPads project - week 4

This week at Becontree Primary School we have struggled to find time to use the iPads. As Christmas is approaching quickly, we have been in the middle of many Christmas play rehearsals, making Christmas tree decorations and also making hall decorations.

It has been assessment week this week and all children have been completing their termly maths and writing assessments. We have used the iPads this week for maths lessons. Once the children had completed their maths paper, they had the opportunity to play 'Math Drills Lite'.

While using 'Math Drills Lite', the children were told to use the adding and subtraction mode. They therefore practised their adding and subtraction skills. In this app, the problems are presented vertically rather than horizontally, as the children are familiar with. This was an advantage of using the app, as it gave the children the chance to see that calculations can be presented in different forms. Once it was explained that the problems were the same as they were used to and that they were just written differently, the children could answer them successfully.

As we only have six iPads, a group of six children used them first and the rest of the class played Maths games on 'Education City', which is an Internet based program that we have subscribed to at Becontree Primary School. Once the group of six children using the iPads had finished their game, they were rotated with children playing 'Education City'. This was repeated until all children had had a chance to use the iPads.

The children enjoyed using the iPads and used them very sensibly and carefully. All children accepted that they would have a turn using the tablets and play 'Education City' and were happy to give up the tablet at the end of their turn.

Next week, we are going to try and incorporate the iPads into more of our lessons.

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