Week 1 – Android tablet project commences at Christchurch Primary School

On Wednesday 9th November we started our trail of using 6 Acer A500 Iconiatab tablets, running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).
The ICT dept. was handed the tablets to set them up, before anyone could use them all 6 of the tablets needed to be setup with a Google account to be able to register it with Android’s App Market.

Unfortunately we had a few problems with setting the tablets up with proxies setting. Honeycomb settings for proxy are hidden when you first start up the tablets you need to download an app on the android market called any cut, this allows you to view and edit the proxy setting. All internet equipment needs to have proxy settings at our school as our internet is provided by LGFL. However this problem with the proxies can be overcome by using an internet connection without any proxies. In our case we took the tablets to next door at our council’s teacher’s centre who don’t use proxies on their internet. After the app was installed the tablet was fine with our internet and WI-FI system.

Edit - With the newest update this is no longer an issue and the proxy can be set on a per connection basis. No extra apps are needed.

The tablets were introduced to 6B a year 6 class at our school. 6B used them for experience in playing educational games and surfing the web on a different format. The class enjoyed the idea of a different way of going online and using the apps.

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