Famous last words - Isle of Fob campaign ends

The Isle of Fob campaign ended last night during campaign map play. Following an end of turn double on the first initiative roll of the night, Peter elected to play the first three initiative points he won first in the hope of drawing a card to raise revenue (National Will Points) but the card was not there. I played two Lull cards back to back and Peter won the second; he played his Lull card - big mistake - and lost it. I played a Tactical Advantage card declaring it as Nation Morale, which you can do on a won Lull. But then Peter rolled his blue D12 scoring 11 - "Only a 12 will do then" I said.

Peter read the rule regarding failed nation morale whilst at zero national will points and scoring odd: The nation sues for peace and total victory is awarded to the other side. The Seljuks, on their last legs, had somehow bluffed the Franks into evacuating the Isle of Fob.

VICTORY!!!! VICTORY!!!! VICTORY!!!! VICTORY!!!!......I could go on.......

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