The Battle of Numantia 214 BC (part 1)

Scrotivius wrote:

"At Numantia the Romans took a strong position atop a long hill and awaited the arrival of Hasdrubal....

.....Hasdrubal came with so large an army that it seemed to fill the eastern horizon." 

The Romans are outnumbered nearly 2 : 1.
Scrotivius continues:

"The Romans clung to their hill......."

 ".....and allowed the Carthaginians to come on."

Scrotivius then tells us of the gallant Roman cavalry which, in a long and complex action, managed to throw the Carthaginian right into confusion.

The Carthaginians threw the kitchen sink at them; Spanish cavalry; elephants; infantry. The Romans were victorious until, finally, their luck ran out and they were routed.

On the Carthaginian left another, more equal, cavalry contest took place and Hasdrubal's infantry began an assault on the hill.

 Three shots of the action.
On the Roman left, the Carthaginian spearmen, elephants and Numidians began to envelop the flank.
The 'besieged' Romans, in triplex acies, cling grimly to their long hill.

Note: Before the battle I changed the scenery a little.

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