FOR SALE: Bavarian Infantry Regt. Minucci


16 Seven Years' War Bavarian infantry figures, by Crusader Miniatures, painted in enamels by me. They represent a battalion of Infantry Regiment Minucci as detailed in Funcken. The flag is also hand painted in enamels.

These are very nice and very well painted figures, if I say so myself; they were painted as a one off unit for fun (code for 'with care'). The unit has only seen the table twice (and was very lucky!); all figures are in pristine condition. I'm not going to pursue more Bavarian units so this one is now surplus to requirements.

The base is mounting card, and the figures were attached with PVA (from memory), so re-basing should be easy if required. These bases are 40mm front by 50mm depth.

As for price: This unit is £90 (which is just under £5.63 a figure). 1st class package and postage will be at cost. No offers, please, the price is the price. Payment must be by PayPal.

Please contact me 'off blog' by email at: 

Anyway, two more pics of front and back.

Thank you for looking.

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