Acer Tablets - Nightingale so far....

This update has been a long time coming.

We have had the a Acer Tablets for about 6 weeks.

After a week or so getting the new software installed they where rolled out to class.

They have been used in a number of way and I will summarise these below.

My own year 4 class used them to support a History research project on Henry VIII. They where a great tool to allow children quick access to a website for research purposes. I used QR codes to shared the sites with the children.

The walked up to the board - or printed copies and the website came up. The children engaged with the text much more quickly and happily than when you give out loads of sheets.

I did have an issue with the QR codes themselves though. The Learnpad system will read a QR code very easily but unless the web address had been added to the Tablet as a link it will not open. This made it very important to pre-plan all the sites you want to visit. But makes quick changes impossible during the lesson almost impossible. The QR Codes are also read best from a printed sheet than on a screen.

They have also been used in Year 2

In Year 2 they have been used to support guided reading children have been using a range of apps on the tablet. Some comments they had about the tablets are:

Like the games.
Like the solar system app because it gives information.
They liked the keyboard better - they can write more on the tablet as they don't need to push keys. 
They thought it was quick to open things and write notes.
One children though they where easier to use as all you had to do was touch, their was no mouse.
They liked that work auto-saves.
One child though that the maths games had taught her something.
Some games where too hard.
Some apps didn't seem to work.
It was hard to use the cursor to start with - but agreed it got easier.
27 out of 28 children said they preferred the on-screen keyboard to a physical one.

Nursery and Year 3 had borrowed one tablet to use with beginner English children.

In my own class a SEN child has been eager to use it all the time. If give the choice he will always choose to use the soloar system app. He has used some of the phonics and handwriting games to help develop his fine motor skills.

Overall the feedback has been very positive when they have been used in class with teachers and children.

But we also had the chance to use some iPADs.....


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