iPads at Nightingale

As well as the Acer Tablet we have also has a few iPads that the school has just purchased. More in another post on direct comparisons.

Below are some images of children in my class using the iPads. We where again doing some research using them to find out about the Tudors. They worked excellently with a QR code. The codes where on the board and printed out. It worked best from the printed copy.

 http://www.qrstuff.com/ is a great site allows you to quickly generate a code.

Unlike the Acer Tablets the iPads went straight to the site given by QR code. You didn't need to add sites unlike the Learnpad system.

More recently we used the iPads and laptops to start a reserach project on the local area. Interestingly when given a choice most of my class chose to use a laptop. 5 iPads where used though. We used street view to more closely investigate places near to the school. 

Children used print screen and word to record what places of interest they where finding. On the iPads we took a screen shot by holding down the power and home buttons, the imported into pages. Below is an example of what was done from one of my SEN children.


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