TOP TIP - Flags

When collecting figures for some wargame periods it soon becomes apparent that certain troops can figure in several armies. This was certainly the case with The Great Italian Wars - Imperial Landsknechts, French Landsknechts, etc. In fact, most troop types could multi-task, and the only thing that differed amongst them was what kind of flag they needed to carry.

That's when I hit on using this idea:

Imperial commander

Medici commander

All of my Italian Wars flags are wrapped around narrow gauge aluminium or brass tubing (from model shops) with a spear point casting glued into the top to finish it off. These slot over the banner bearer's 'flag pole'. The tubing is not very expensive, and the cost benefit analysis is obvious. If I want to field a new combatant all I have to do is make a new flag - the figure having been painted ages ago.
To prevent damage to flags that are not in use I store spare flags as shown below.

I think you will agree, this is a TOP TIP. I don't have a clue where the original idea came from.

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