Guns and Spurs

Game Website:
File Size: 12.8Mb (zip) , 20Mb (uncompressed)
GM Version: GM8
Screen Resolution: FULL
Changes Screen Resolution: No

Take the role of Johnny, a lonely cowboy in the wild west, thirsty to take revenge for the death of his wife.
Run with your horse in an open world filled with action!
10 'Wanted' missions and 10 horse race events are available (more to come).
Stylish 3d graphics are creating a great atmosphere.
6 weapons available
You can enter buildings like saloon, gun shops, banks and more. You can also buy new safehouses from around the map.
The 'Wanted' missions have quickdraw mini-games.


I really love this new project because all the graphics of the game are made by me only and I'm very happy with the results. Please play and rate the game properly. It's the final version with 10 missions and 10 races but there is still some room for improvements. Hopefully to see it featured this time on YoYogames. :D

Downloads: (mirror)

Enjoy this game and please leave your comments below.

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