My Napoleonic Book List

My next major project will be the Peninsular War. I've already collected a few books which I'll start reading in earnest next year. If anyone has some juicy morsels I must add, please tell me about it:

A History of the Peninsular War (vol. 1 - 5) - Charles Oman. [I know there are more volumes. I have been reliably informed that this is the defining history of the war.]
Napoleons War in Spain - Lachouque, Tranie & Carmigniani. [Pictorial history with lots of uniform plates.]
The Peninsular War 1807 - 1814 A Military History - Micael Glover. [good first read for an overview and chronology.]
Years of Victory - Arthur Bryant.
Napoleonic Source Book - P. J. Haythornthwaite. (Invaluable!]
Campiagning with the Duke of Wellington and Featherstone. [A wargamers guide.]
Uniforms of the Peninsular Wars 1807 - 1814 - P. Haythornthwaite and M. Chapel.
Talavera - Peter Edwards. [I like his style.]
Albuera - Peter Edwards.
The Man who Broke Napoleons Code - Mark Urban. [Fascinating read. Wellington could be a shit.]
Rifles - Mark Urban.
The War of Wars - Robert Harvey. [General history of the Napoleonic Wars.]
Redcoat - Richard Holmes.
Napoleon's Wars - Charles Esdaile.
Wellington (2 vols) - Elizabeth Longford.
Borodino and the War of 1812 - Christopher Duffy. [A good read before going to the battlefield.] 1812 - Adam Zamoyski.
Austerlitz 1805 - Christopher Duffy. [As Borodino.]
The Spanish Ulcer - D. Gates [New, not read, looks good with lots of maps.]

Ospreys. [If you like that kinda thing.]

Vimeiro 1808.
Fuentes de Onoro.
Salamanca 1812. [I walked the field using only this as my guide.]
Vittoria 1813
Napoleon's light infantry, etc. ['men-at-arms', I have 8 vols so far.]
Wellington's, Foot Guards, etc. ['men-at-arms', I have 6 vols so far.]
Wellington's Peninsular Regiments 2.
Wellington's Army in the Peninsular 1809 - 1814 [OOB series - fantastic!]
Napoleonic Infantry Tactics (2 vols) [French and British]
British Napoleonic Artillery 1.
The Portugese Army of the Peninsular Wars (3 vols?). [I only have 2 & 3.]
The Portugese Army of the Peninsular Wars. [Earlier 'men-at-arms' version?]
Artillery Equipment of the Napoleonic Wars.
Flags of the Napoleonic Wars 1.
The Peninsular War Atlas - Colonel Nick Lipscombe (Big 400 page book of Osprey maps).

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