Trebuchet away!

The Trebuchet. I have presented it unpainted so that you can see the construction. The model measures 6" high, 8 1/2" long and 6" wide. This makes it moderately sized as far as trebuchets are concerned - but any bigger just looks silly. The model took four and a half hours to build.

Tools: Stanley knife, scalpel, junior hacksaw, set square, modelling drill, modelling clamps, small bench vice, sand paper, surgical pliers and round nosed pliers.

Glues: Araldite, wood glue, PVA and superglue.

Other materials: The main timbers are made from oak sticks that were given to me several years ago - I put them away not knowing what I could use them for. The tapering arm is a brush handle and the axles are barbecue skewer. The 'winding barrel' is garden cane (willow I think). The remaining wood is balsa of various thickness. Metal band fittings are thin card. Hooks and the like are bent white metal 'spears'. The winding 'handles are large wagon wheels by Irregular Minis. Rope work is unwound picture frame wire - mostly two strands rewound together. The projectile and 'pouch is Militput. The earth is sand and grit (the box has a false internal top onto which the earth was glued).


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