Crusader Baggage Stands

at last I feel I am now coming to the end of the project; the 'fighting' units are completed and I'm onto the baggage.

Originally, I had intended to do the baggage elements on 'huge' stands - 6cm x 18cm - but on reflection thought better of it and went 6cm x 12cm. My thinking for the former was to get the mix within a baggage stand to represent the confused nature of what it represented, but after much thought I decided to reduce the depth; there being method in my madness - so that I could use a baggage stand, mixed with 2 stands of pilgrims, to double my total 'pilgrim units' (i.e. 1 baggage stand represents 2 stands of pilgrims). This was made easy by an early (and unassociated) decision to not allow 'pilgrims' to form up in line formation within my rules.

So here is the Christian baggage. The 'pilgrims' are a mix of Perry, Gripping Beast, Old Glory (unsure of range, but probably 16C), Foundry (mixed ranges) and some of unknown manufacture - in fact, everything left, in my odds and sods box, that would pass muster. The 'cows' are Foundry oxen. The draught animals are also foundry. The pack animals are Irregular and Gripping beast. The wagons and loads are Irregular with some Miliput extras (you can't buy these 'packed up' as featured - the sides of the two wheeled wagons are made from 15mm scaling ladders - you just have to fill a bag with junk, get it home, and assemble).

So here they are:


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