The Armies of Islam

The Armies of Islam less two command stands and baggage. 288 cavalry and 234 infantry.
This breaks down as follows:

The Cavalry - lots and lots of cavalry.

4 Seljuk / Arab command stands. 12 mounted figures.

The heavy cavalry. Three units of 18 Ghulams (lance & bow armed - above) and three units of 18 Arab / Kurdish cavalry (lance armed - below). 108 mounted figures in total.

Two units of Bedouin Arabs. 24 mounted figures in total.

Four units of Seljuk horse archers. 48 mounted figures in total.

Eight units of Turcoman tribal horse archers plus three tribal command stands. 96 mounted figures in total.

The Infantry.

The Syrians. 2 units of Adhath city militia (60 figures), 2 units of Arab mercenaries / volunteers (40 figures), four units of Syrian foot archers (48 figures) and two stands of naptha throwers (6 figures). 154 figures total.

The 'Turks'. Actually a mixture of hillmen and wild easterners - two units of 20 figures each. 80 figures total. I removed a lot of swords from the easterners and replaced them with swords for more generically armed looking units.

So that's all the 'fighting' units done. Only a couple of command stands to use up some odds and sods (8 foot and two mounted figures) plus a load of baggage to do (16 camels and four handlers); I've not painted camels for years and I'm quite looking forward to it. Then the Christian baggage, which will double up as extra 'pilgrim' stands - 4 wagons, 18 animals & 14 civilians - then the whole project is finished!!!!!!

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