The Armenian Princeling

The Armenian contingent is the smallest grouping of units. It can fight for either the Franks or the Seljuks. It comprises 64 foot and 21 mounted figures.

The Armenian Prince. 1 command stand of 3 mounted figures.

The Armenian cavalry. 1 unit of 18 figures. The Armenians were Orthodox Christians so I based their banner on a Byzantine one.

The Armenian infantry. 4 units. 2 of loose order spear men (20 figures each) and 2 units of skirmish order archers. The Armenian spear men were the subject of some arm position conversion to increase the range of poses.
Next up will be the Turks and Arabs, which I'm just finishing the bases of. There are 32 units of these (including 20 units of cavalry) so I think I'll recharge the battery in my camera.

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