Cerignola 1503 at 1:20

As regulars will know, this battle has become almost habitual on this blog. I am currently working towards putting on Cerignola 1503, as a demo-game, at Sheffield Triples on 18th / 19th May 2013. Peter and I will be running the game using our house rules, Hell Broke Loose. Because it is going 'out and about', I have decided to make it more of a spectacle by increasing the number of figures involved. It is now scaled at 1 figure to 20 men.

The figures are nearly finished. I have three more units of Foundry men-at-arms to paint (these will replace the units in Gonsalvo's command - currently they are represented by two units of WoR knights and a unit of archer cavalry). When these figures are finished I will have to do 5 cavalry standards - mainly Italian; the 3/32 'flag pole' tubing has been ordered!

Other jobs, still pending, are to finish the two buildings and make a 12" section of earthworks ( I'll probably make several sections with the gabions purchased at Vapnartak) and match it to the existing ones. I also have to lighten the shade of the baize cloth with yellow and caramel spray paint. Yellow is the prime colour for this; two more cans of yellow paint have been ordered!

The main change to the scenario is that D'Alegre, commanding the French rearguard, will start off-table, kinda. Initially, I thought of having him arrive on the second or third turn in a typical 'wargame scenario' way. Then, thinking about the variable move distances in Hell Broke Loose, I decided to have him visibly march to the battlefield; he must physically march across one end of the table before arriving. The white arrows on the deployment map show the exit and entrance points. I like this idea because it should build in more tension, and stuff will not just appear on the table from out of a box.

French Order of Battle
The French [blue] battle line; Louis d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours, commanding [A].
Louis d'Ars [B]: 3 units of 8 gendarmes, 2 units of mounted crossbows.
Tambien Chandieu [C]: 1 unit of 180 Swiss pike.
Gespard de Coligny [D]: 6 units of 12 French crossbow, 2 units of 36 French pike.

Yves d'Alegre [E]: 4 units of 8 gendarmes, 4 units of 8 Stradiots, 4 batteries of 1 gun.

All in column and marching to the battlefield.

Spanish Order of Battle
The Spanish battle line: Gonsalvo de Cordoba [A] commanding.
Gonsalvo de Cordoba [A]: 3 units of 8 Spanish men-at-arms. (These are the troops that need replacing).

Fabricio Colonna [B]: 3 units of 8 Italian condottiere men-at-arms.
Diego de Paredes [C]: 2 units of 36 Spanish infantry in colonela, 2 units of 16 Italian arquebusier.
Fabricio Zamudio [D]: 1 unit of 90 Landsknecht pike, 1 unit of 12 Landsknecht arquebusier.
Pizarro de Paredes [E]: 2 units of 36 Spanish infantry in colonela, 2 units of 8 Spanish genitors, 1 unit of Italian mounted crossbow.
Pedro Navarro [F]: 2 batteries of 1 gun.

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