Trebbia. A bit of solo fun.

Here are some large pictures of The Battle of Trebbia I fought solo this afternoon. I used ammended Command and Colors rules and the battle took about two hours to play. Rather than a blow by blow account, I'll give the pictures along with the cards played

Rome: Order 3 commands centre. Carthage: Order medium troops

Rome: Double time. Carthage: Order 3 commands right.

Rome: Order 2 commands left. Carthage: Coordinated attack.

Rome: Counter attack. Carthage: Order light troops.

Rome: Line command. Carthage: Inspired leadership right.

Rome: Order 3 commands right. Carthage: Order heavy troops.

Rome: Order 4 commands centre. Carthage: Line command.
Rome: Order heavy troops. Carthage: Double time.
Rome: Clash of shields. Carthage: Order 2 commands centre.

Rome: Order 3 commands centre. Carthage: Out flank (2 commands left and right)
Rome: Line command.
Roman victory conditions achieved!

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