Command and Colours elephant modification for Trebbia

Last night we replayed Trebbia. Again Command and Colors was used, and again it produced an excellent game. The only problem we encountered was in translating 'elephant rampage'. With hexes the rule works perfectly well, but translating it to a hexless table where units tend not to conform to a similar 'pattern of layout' was not so easy. In the end we came up with the following:
For each flag inflicted on an elephant roll 1 dice. On any flag result the elephants rampages, otherwise the original flags are ignored. Rampaging elephants roll two dice Vs any unit within 8" inches for 'damage' as standard. After rampaging the elephants are removed from play; with the assumption that they have fled, been killed by 'hit units', or killed by their own mahouts (with the hammer and chisel provided!).

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