Phase 1 complete - Trebbia

After seven months of work my first battle has hit the table - The Battle of the River Trebbia. When deep into a project there is nothing like having a battle to boost the spirits and inspire greater output.

Although only half of the figures for this battle have been painted (it will be double this size by the end of the year) I can now imagine what the full size battle will look like. What is more, I can now start messing about and play-testing some ideas I have for rules.

Here are some snapshots of the armies deployed for battle (64 figures painted figures were not required).

Overview of the deployments:

Two shots of the Romans (see previous post for more shots):

The Carthaginians:

So there, we have it. At long last, phew!
Phase 1 is finished. Phase 2 will be painting figures for "The Battle of Lake Trasimene".

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