I went into town for some glue..........

This morning I went into town for some glue; Super Glue and Araldite Rapid to be specific. I went with my wife, who was also running errands. As we were coming home my wife spotted a 'Sale' sign in a jeweler's window. It's coming up to her birthday, so I wasn't that keen to go in (I'm a Yorkshireman), but eventually I was persuaded.
It turned out to be a liquidation sale - they were selling everything, screwed down or not! What did I come home with? A new 9 drawer painting desk in mahogany (pictured above) topped with leather covered with 3/8s plate glass. At first I thought the price tag was for something on the desk - but no, it was for the desk itself. I couldn't refuse.....
.......IT COST TEN POUNDS!!!!!

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