Zoo Escape

File Size: 4.01 Mb(zip) , 5.01 Mb(uncompressed)
GM Version: GM8
Screen Resolution: 480x272
Allow Fullscreen: No
Date Updated: 25-2-10

Here is my second entry for the YoYogames Competition 05.

More screenshots: Screen03, Screen04, Screen05

Gameplay Trailer:

Desription: Help the little animals to escape from the zoo. Start with the little tiger and collect all the fruits to unlock the gate for the next level. Each animal has it's own unique ability. Rescue more animals to help you on your way. Avoid the guards and don't let them find you.
- 25 challenging levels
- Complete all the levels to unlock a Minigame
- 5 animals to save
- Zoopedia with animal information from National Geographic
All the game graphics have been made by me using only d3d code for the models and Gimp for the textures and all the 2d stuff.

Also available on the iPhone App Store!


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