Punic Wars - Libyan spears.

The first Libyans are finished: 48 spearmen (first batch of four) .

These are equipped hoplite fashion. I have not given them Carthaginian spears, which were apparently shorter, but full on long thrusting types. I have done this for two reasons: firstly, they look better; secondly, they will, at a pinch, double for Syracusan hoplites.

All figures are Renegade. Shield transfers by LBM. Standards are home made out of old shields, bits of Roman standards, and wire spears. All figures are painted with enamels.

Anyway, here is how they came out.

This months quota will be 30 Libyan skirmishers, 20 Balearic slingers, 12 Spanish caetrati and some Numidian cavalry. Next month I'll complete the cavalry (mainly Spanish) and command stands I'll need to do a mini-Trebia. Then I'll have to base them all up - all 600 of them. At that point I'll be over quarter of the way towards completing the collection. What's more, I'll be able to fight my first battle with them.

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