Use of the Wii fit board in P.E lessons.

I have been using the Wii fit board in P.E lessons with my class. I first used it in my classroom, I moved the tables to one side, even though it is quite large it still proved to be too small a space in which to do this activity. I then used the hall that has a larger screen and floor space this worked much better.

I used mainly step, running and boxing programmes. These proved to be very effective as P.E activities. The children were organised so that there would be one person on the Wii balance board and the rest of the class would be completing the same movements, as the person on the board, using their own piece of floor space. I prepared, in advance, a running order for the class, so that where there were oauses during the game, the children could quickly swap who was on the balance board. I found that in one P.E session each child could use the board twice.

The children found the activity to be a great deal of fun and looked forward to the sessions. They did not argue about the use of the board, as they all understood that each child would have the opportunity to use the board. The most popular activity with the children was the step programme. When I use the board again for lessons I will look into putting some other music on when they are stepping after they have got used to the music and exercise on the Wii fit.

The activity gave all the children a really good workout and they all really enjoyed it. All of the children could participate fully at all times and it worked well. The Wii fit enabled some fun, exciting and physical P.E lessons.

Owen Frith

Nightingale Primary School


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