Use of Wii sports resort for chronological writing.

I have been using Wii sports resort to aid the class with their writing of non-chronological reports and this has shown some great results. We have been using the island fly over to get a better view of the island its views, attractions, activities and also places to eat and stay.

I chose different children to be the pilot on the trip around the island they would swap when directed to do so by me or if they crash the plane. The island fly over would only be the first ten minutes of the lesson just enough time to get a general feel for the area. The children that were not being the pilots would be making notes on what they see. As you fly around the area you can go over information points that give you more information on an area.

The children all produced reports on what the island had to offer. The children really enjoyed the activity and produced some very detailed work. They first wrote it in rough and then used desktop publishing programmes to produce leaflets to attract people to the island. The activity did not only improve their non- chronological report writing (which was very detailed and gave a lot of information on the island) but also improved their persuasive writing, also their ability to write for an audience.

I also used the Wii in their class assembly to show case the children work this was watched by an Ofsted inspector. After the assembly I got some very positive feedback from the inspector in relation to the use of the Wii in the assembly and in literacy. He was impressed with its use and also brought out points about bringing in the issue of sustainability through wind farms on Wii sports resort.


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