Swiss contingent finished

I very much like that feeling, when I'm able to say "The last one is done". It brings on a warm glow.

This weekend I finished painting the last of the Swiss pike. This makes the Swiss contingent complete (though more shot, and even more pike, can be requisitioned from other contingents if required).

As a contingent, it comprises:
216 pike, 'collectionally' organised in three 72 man 'pike squares'.
16 halberdiers in a single unit.
24 arquebusier, in two units, based as skirmish shot.

Most figures are Old Glory, but there are one or two Foundry figures mixed in here and there.

The pike squares are organised in 12 stand units. They are four stands (12 figures) wide and three stands (6 figures) deep. Though not exactly square in any sense, they are efficient, and (IMHO) good looking wargames units.
The front stands are, probably unhistorically, armoured. But I like the look of a bit of three-quarter armour where the metal meets the meat.
A halberdiers unit, which I added only for 'spicey, gamey' completeness rather than historical necessity, in a small block of 16 figures.

Men with big choppers do it for me, anyways!

A close up of the relatively bright and simple paint job. These Old Glory figures are a doddle to paint up quickly - I love 'em!
One of the two units of skirmish shot. These are an almost 50% - 50% mix of 'ebay purchased' Foundry and Old Glory. They mix very well.

As I said, I have more Swiss units for refighting big battles such as Marignano. This is a unit of 72 Swiss pike (mainly Foundry figures) which I generally use as French. As with all of my Renaissance units (except one), all flags are on interchangable tubing so, once I make six more Swiss flags on tubing, these can be Swiss again in a seconds.

BTW, the first day of Marignano 1515 is my next painting goal. I have to paint 72 Italian pike (to use, wouldn't you know it, as French!), 48 crossbowmen, 32 arquebusier, and ten or so flags. I'll refight it at a figure ratio of 1:40ish, and with the usual piece of fudge.

For this Wednesday's game I've set up a battle using my entire collection (save a few command stands). It will be the umpteenth, fictional Battle of Fastapasta.

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