Getting one's out for the Lads.

This week I got out virtually everything I have in my Italian Wars collection and put it on the table to do battle. The head count of men was exactly 1111.

The night's play would, except for sporadic artillery exchanges, take place exclusively on the French right. Here French cavalry would  play havoc with the Imperial cavalry facing them.
The Imperial cavalry, flanked by massed landsknechts would take the brunt of the initial French attack, but this attack was largely made in support.....
......of the Swiss pikemen.
The French cavalry move forward with alacrity.....
...and the Swiss, not to be outdone advance with panache - a triple move - they move so far that Graham has to help out -
Wallop! The game is barely three cards old and the Swiss and landsknecht light troops are already in a fierce skirmish.
The Imperials counter with Genitors moving up to harass the oncoming French gendarmerie. 
The cavalry battle becomes general as the pike close under artillery fire.
Landsknecht skirmishers putting up a good fight against the odds.
Cavalry, artillery, and infantry in a confused melee.
Push of pike, honours about equal.
A shot showing the battlefield at the end of the first nights play.
The pike battle could be key.
The cavalry battle is almost done and the French hold the field.
To be continued.....................


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